Heading To The Beach? Don’t Forget These Shoes!

Check out these really comfortable and stylish shoes!  I am always on the lookout for stylish shoes that I am able to wear them in water, to take the dog out, to take care of the horses etc… without them getting totally disgusting.  Shoes that fit this criteria really cannot be leather or fabric – those get ruined and very quickly.

I can wear these Raindrop shoes in all of the above settings as well as in the garden, swimming, cooling off in the river (where there are plenty of sharp rock beds) and more.  These shoes are available in black, blue or green – I have black.  They are technically men’s shoes but I am not giving them up.

They are suitable for any and all outdoor activities since they are durable and easy to clean.

They remind me of a really spiffed up “jelly shoe”  – not sure if you all remember the jelly shoes but I grew up with them.  My grandmother had them in every style and color possible.

Are you looking for a breathable, fast drying shoe?  This is definitely the shoe of choice and you can find it now on Amazon!

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