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Protect The Important Documents With This Fireproof Safe Document Bag

More and more in today’s world we need to make sure our important documents are kept safe – and more and more documents are being considered important enough to protect forever.  Not everyone has the ability to have a full fireproof safe though.  We have a fireproof safe except it is extremely heavy and even with that, it really doesn’t hold much.  The usable space is only about 1/4 of its outside dimensions.  The rest is all “stuff” to keep the safe fireproof.

This Fireproof Document bag is about the size of a typical portfolio style bag.  The dimensions are 17.7″x13.5″x2″ and rated up to 2300°F!

There is one large main compartment as well as a smaller front zippered compartment.

The bag has double layers with zippered closures and it is silicone coated.  This product keeps selling out and they work to keep restocking it.  For us, we are going to keep this bag in our camper.  There are many important documents specifically pertaining to our RV and it just makes sense to protect them in the RV itself.

With or without documents in it, it is no heavier than a normal portfolio bag – unlike a hard safe that can be so heavy you need 2 or more people to carry/move it.

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