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How Meditation and Mindfulness Can Improve Your Performance At Work

There are so many demands on our time these days that it can be hard to concentrate. When we can’t concentrate properly, it can be hard to actually make any solid progress on anything, whether it’s a venture at work or a personal project. By using meditation and mindfulness techniques, we can actively increase our productivity. Read on to discover how.

Meditation can be useful as a regular way of life to improve everything from job productivity to focus and sleep quality. By regularly meditating we can improve every area of our lives. Many big companies such as Google and Facebook actually have meditation groups for workers looking to boost their productivity with 30 minute meditation sessions in-house.

Enhanced Leisure Time

Meditation and mindfulness can be useful for your leisure time. Being mindful of your environment helps you to appreciate the small things in life that might go unnoticed. Mindfulness helps you feel grateful for small pleasures such as the sun on your face, the sight of beautiful flowers or the smell of freshly ground coffee. By being connected to the present moment we can quieten the mind and truly relax, which improves our health and mood. Improved mindfulness also helps us to enjoy leisure activities, from playing sport and doing arts and crafts, to playing online bingo games found at – by concentrating on the present moment we can enjoy our hobbies more and perform better.

By meditating and developing a greater sense of mindfulness we also become better listeners, which improves our relationships. We all have constant thoughts going around in our heads and there are also constant noises to deal with whether from the television and radio or nature and traffic. Sometimes we don’t listen properly when other people speak as we are too concerned with our own internal dialogue or noises around us. It is so easy to get distracted by all the information around us.

A New Sense of Perspective

Meditation not only relaxes the mind, it can also improve confidence by making you feel more centred and in control. People who meditate regularly say it can make them feel grounded and ready to tackle any issue with power and persuasion. Just a few minutes of stillness can make you feel a new sense of perspective and shift your focus from small irritants to a wider realization of the truly important things.

In the working world and business, meditation can have the same effect. It can help us to focus on the long-term, main goal rather than get bogged down in the unimportant details that distract from the primary aims. Problems can become challenges and feel manageable, while we can more easily spot solutions when we are relaxed and focused without dealing with the external ‘noise’ that our busy thoughts can generate.

Giving Your Full Attention

One great thing about meditation is that it improves your ability to give your attention to one problem. Trying to focus on too many things at once can be energy draining and rarely leads to quality work or productive time spent. By learning to give our attention to one small thing at a time we can improve our overall productivity. Meditation works to develop the attention span. It has been shown that attention is a trainable resource and regularly meditating helps us to focus closely and calmly on one topic. This is opposite to the multi-tasking that is often encouraged.

Mindfulness and Calmness

Closely related to attention is mindfulness. In fact, mindfulness can be a product of regular meditation. Being mindful helps you feel grounded and calm in the face of all challenges and enables you to deal with the situation at hand and appreciate its individual value. Just as stress can be contagious, so can calm and thoughtful behaviour. This means that mindfulness is a great characteristic for a person in a leadership role. Mindfulness helps you to avoid time sapping activities that add no value to your working day, such as mindless web browsing or social media scrolling.

Someone who is mindful stays on tasks for longer before getting distracted, finds it easier to concentrate, has improved memory of tasks performed, and has a more positive attitude in general. A mindful attitude that is fully in the present also helps us deal with negativity and criticism because it helps us to deal logically with the situation and the negative comments in the present. By considering negativity in the moment you can slow down, listen, process, observe, consider the information and respond in a calm manner.

Improved Communication and Relationships

Mindfulness means we devote 100% of our attention to one thing at that present moment. This means listening fully when someone is talking to us so that you are fully absorbed in their meaning. This shows respect, which will be noticed, and helps you to answer them authentically after fully understanding their question or comment. Being fully aware of the present moment also helps us to feel empathy and compassion as well as raising our self-awareness. All these things can only improve our relationships with other people. They help us to become better communicators and more compassionate people.

Health Benefits

Apart from greater productivity at work and improved relationships at home, your health will also improve as a result of meditation and mindfulness. Both mental and physical health are boosted by mindfulness techniques. Stress is one of the biggest problems in the busy modern world and regular meditation helps you to reduce your stress levels and let go of worries, at least for a period of time. This helps us to become more resilient and able to deal with problems when they occur.

Simply by closing your eyes and breathing slowly, we can reduce our stress levels at that moment. Done regularly, it can have a powerful and positive effect on your health, from reducing your blood pressure and resting pulse rate to improving your sleep quality and energy levels. Regular meditation can also reduce anxiety levels and feelings of depression and help to strengthen the immune system.

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