6 Tips to Turn Your House into a Relaxation Haven

Your home is your ultimate sanctuary. It’s the place where you can go to get away from the world and recharge. Boost your home’s revitalizing power by using these tips to turn it into a relaxation haven.

Place Plants Around Your Home

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Not only do houseplants creating a calming effect with their vibrant flowers and flourishing leaves, but they also purify the air in your home by removing toxins. Additionally, because plants release oxygen, you’ll find the air fresher and easier to breathe. Choose English ivy, the spider plant, spade leaf philodendron, or the snake plant for the biggest effect.

Increase Natural Light

Don’t let your home became a cave. Draw back the curtains, open the windows, and let that natural light stream in. Increasing your exposure to natural light has a number of benefits, including more energy, a lower risk of depression, improved productivity, and much more. You might even consider adding some mirrors to your walls to help reflect natural light coming in.

Create a Relaxing Bath Experience

Nothing says relaxation like a warm bubble bath. Transform your bathtub into a safe haven from the world by stocking plenty of bubble bath, lighting candles around the space, and pouring yourself a glass of wine. Additionally, replace your water heater so you won’t have to suffer with lukewarm water during your serenity session. End your experience with lush, soft towels or a cozy bathrobe.

Invest in Cozy Sheets

Perhaps the second best way to relax after a long bath is sinking into soft, luxurious sheets. Don’t skimp on the thread count to save a few bucks; go all out for a set that will soothe your tired and stressed body. Opt for organic linen sheets, as research shows these can keep you comfortable on hot or cool nights, even more so than silk or cotton.

Paint Your Walls

Believe it or not, color plays a large role in your emotions. Therefore, if your walls are an angry red, you might begin to invoke a similar anger inside yourself. Instead, stick to calming colors, as studies show these can reduce stress and anxiety. Some of the best choices include a dark bluish gray, a soft light gray, a chilly blue, a neutral green, or a light lavender. Basically, stick to the cooler side of the spectrum, and avoid anything that’s too bold or harsh.

Get Rid of Clutter

One of the biggest deterrents to relaxation is clutter. If you’ve got items scattered throughout your home, you’ll just make yourself anxious with all the cleaning you have to do. Take some steps to eliminate the constant disorganization by investing in storage boxes. That way, you can easily tuck unused items out of the way and know exactly where to find them when you need them. Shelving and baskets are other great tools for organizing.

Having a place to relax at the end of a long day will do wonders for your stress and anxiety. Turn your home into the ultimate tranquil paradise by following some of the above tips.

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