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OH! The Poor Sparrow and Maggie

This story starts with a car – Maggie …

Actually the story starts with 5 cars.  We own five cars – and every one has a purpose between horses, camping, commuting, transporting 4 generations at once and more.  Now you would think with that many cars it is no big deal if one breaks down – we have four others right?  Yeah, right.  In the last month something major has gone wrong with every single one and AAA has become our best friends.  I pretty much should just keep them on speed dial and have a coffee ready for them when they arrive. On this particular day we had to have the Yukon towed to the garage which meant I had to drive the Magnum.  Now I adore Maggie, but lately her brakes have been throwing little temper tantrums and I have been less than appreciative.

Day 1

While I am cruising around with Maggie I start hearing this chirping noise.  I notice all my sensors look fine (except her usual temper tantrum stuff) and the chirping seems to be at consistent intervals.  When I get home I tell my husband (who is more than fed up with vehicle issues at this time) that my car is making a funny chirping noise – maybe there is a bird on the engine…. I say “I will know more tomorrow if it is still chirping”.  Keep in mind we are in the middle of a heat wave and the “feels like” temperature every day is more than 100 degrees so if there were a bird on my engine, I can’t imagine how it would survive.  As a side note – I am PETRIFIED of birds, completely debilitating fear of them.  Expecting me to open up that hood to check the engine – not gonna happen.  I would sooner do that for a snake or an alligator – than a bird.  I don’t hate them – but I am afraid of them.  We can co-exist but I can’t mingle with them.

Day 2

I start driving to work and guess what – the chirping is back and seems to get louder with the air conditioning on.  I pull over, google chirping noise “vehicle” and it tells me quite clearly it is an issue with my serpentine belt.  Confident that that mystery is solved I go home and tell my husband that we need to drop the car off soon because in addition to Maggie’s current temper tantrum, she has stepped up her game and now has a serpentine belt issue.

Day 3

Guess what?! The good news is – it isn’t a serpentine belt issue.  Bad news is – my car now smells like a rotten decomposing animal.  Now I have to get my car to the auto mechanic, and I am completely sure he will call the cops because my car smells like a dead person.  My mission was to find the source – after all even if it’s a bird, it clearly isn’t living anymore.

Mystery solved

Maggie is quite clean.  There isn’t all my barn stuff or anything in her.  It is simply a hair brush and a car seat in the back seat for our 4 year old grandson.  BUT – I peek into the backseat and see a beach towel on the floor.  It must have been from when my daughter drove Maggie a few days before.  No big deal – let me get that towel out of there. UGH the smell was horrendous and amplified as soon as I moved the towel.  I unroll it and wrapped up nice and neatly in it – a dead sparrow!

Looking back

How was I to know?  The chirping was a steady consistent chirp,    , chirp,   , chirp… At no point did it vary and become a distressed ccchiiiirrrrpppp… It never became a weaker chirp… It never became a panicked chirp,chirp,chirp…

So between my car making noises, throwing temper tantrums, smelling like a dead body – I get anxious getting in the car now knowing that somehow, for two days, a bird (OF ALL THINGS) was right behind my seat begging for its life to be spared.

Oh Lordy – that is alot of stress…


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