6 Popular Jobs Among Millennials in 2018

The level of job competition is increasing day by day with a mere 10 percent employment rate. This resulted in many millennial to take up jobs in the private sector or in the fields that are not related to their study or specialization. They have different reasons to opt for the job. Among them, a group of students is still trying their best to get the desired job in their desired field. Most of the millennial who have graduated in 2018 are finding it difficult to get the perfect job for them and start their career. The youth of this generation is lacking in being employed in the sector of their wish and earn according to their wish. This is eventually affecting their personal life, their marriage, home ownership, and other affairs.

Even after this growing scenario, millennials are the largest expected workforce, and due to them, the current unemployment rate is estimated at a low rate of 3.9 percent. This information has also been estimated by most of the job portals, and a list of common and most sought-after jobs have been detailed that tops that list of popularity among the millennial.

Food supervisors and serving person

This category of work includes coordination of activities which prepare the food and serves the same. Moreover, depending on the size of the company, the supervisors would also be required to take care of the financial department of the company and ensure proper supply, smooth functioning of the equipment, and the work areas. In addition, it should also be checked that the rules followed in the company are according to the industry rules by maintaining utmost safety. For this genre, most of the skills can be learned while on duty. The only requirement is that the person should have good ‘people skill’ to work in this field. Only entry level education like a high school diploma would be enough for this post. 46.1% of millennials are seeking to work in this field as of now.

Market analysts

Marketing specialist or analysts as they are known as performs a wide range of tasks pertaining to sales and market analyzing. In addition, they also need to create marketing campaigns and presentations to present it to a third-party firm. The consumer’s profile is also handled by this professional to maintain a good position of the firm in this competitive market. A 46.2% millennial are seeking a job in this sector trying to find for a good living. The situation could be such that even after preparing for examinations such as GATE, IAS and banking exams, you opted for a suitable position in the marketing sector.

Medical assistants

They often tend to work together with physicians such that they are able to perform some administrative tasks like medical billing, filing including some clinical tasks such as administering, medications, drawing blood and others. They are not physicians in the true sense as they get a postsecondary degree. Though a college education is not required for working in this genre, they can learn the task from on-job training.

Event planners

Among the total number of millennial seeking employment, 48.2% are seeking a job in the role of an event planner who is working within a company. Their main task is to look after the overall management of the events in coordination with vendors and stakeholders like conventions, staffs, invited guests, clients and the like. The millennial can apply for this position after completing their bachelor’s degree.

Hotel and resort receptionists

Whether it is a hotel or resort, the desk clerks are known as receptionists who play an important role in guiding the guests or customers to the right way. High school diploma or equivalent education is sufficient to work in this position. As of now, 52% of millennials are seeking a job in this department. For any issues, transmitting and technical issues, guests or customers would come up to the desk clerks, and it is their primary to resolve the problem at the earliest. A total of 125,000 people are employed in this job.


Most of the millennial prepare for many entrance examinations but unfortunately they fail to come out with flying colors due to the increasing level of competition. Some of them are banking sector exams, IAS, GATE, UPSC and others. They tend to search for jobs out of various needs in different sectors, and one such is the job of a telemarketer.

No formal education is required to work in the position of a telemarketer, and 50% of millennials are working in this genre. The main responsibility is to make calls and receive complaints or queries over the telephone. At present, 58,000 of US millennial work as telemarketers and this number is expected to persist even after five to six years.

The Final Words

However, other than the above-mentioned ones, some of the common government jobs that are the most sought-after ones include jobs in the banking sector, preparing for GATE, IAS and other examinations. Even after taking preparations for exams like GATE and the like, they are still looking for the above-mentioned popular jobs in various sectors.

To get a detailed estimation of the number of employees in each of the sectors including some others, you can go through online job portals. Moreover, these popular jobs are no way less compared to alluring government sectors jobs that are yet again chased by millennials. Therefore, popularity of these jobs are increasing and in this way, more suitable job opportunities are coming up for the millennials.

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