How I Define Weather

This is how I define weather:

HHOOOTTTT – 95 degrees plus – far too hot to clean stalls, far too hot to ride a horse, far too hot for the horses. Change the water often because they aren’t huge fans of warm hay saturated tea…
Hot – 80 degrees plus when my eyeballs sweat while mucking stalls
Perfect Day – 65 degrees and perfect for tacking up a horse, riding, hanging out all day at the barn enjoying our horses. Too nice to bother cleaning stalls.
Warm – when it is 20 degrees and I am working up just a slight sweat mucking stalls but all in all pretty comfortable. Okay so time to wear a sweatshirt.
Cold – when it is minus 10 degrees and now I am a bit chilly cleaning stalls, water buckets and troughs are all frozen solid so I get to work up a massive sweat breaking through 2 1/2 foot thick ice just so the horses can have fresh water and in 12 hours we get to do it again. Finally have to wear two sweatshirts!
YUCKY – when it is 50 degrees or lower and raining, snowing or far too windy and the horses are stuck in their stalls making unthinkable messes while hating being in their stalls and slamming on the doors because they don’t want to be in there.
Humid – when every bit of leather becomes a gross moldy mess overnight regardless of how much DampRid you stuff everywhere. There is no help for it – so you count the number of hours you will lose cleaning tack when the humidity passes.

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