Equine Supplement Bucket to Trick or Treating Bucket

My kids actually go trick or treating several times each year.  We own a camper so we camp seasonally and the season includes two early October Trick or Treating weekends.  By the time actual Halloween comes along it is pretty much a non-event.

Since they trick or treat three times at least, it is pretty inevitable that at least one of those days will be raining.  Last year, all three days were raining and any candy they did get that wasn’t eaten on that first night had to be thrown out.  It was all soak and wet right through the bag and through the candy.  This year we are planning better!

We buy two of these supplement buckets every week!  They are 8 pound buckets – too small to recycle into seats for the kids but I just could not bring myself to throw them out.  Guess what?!  They can totally keep the kids candy dry if it rains this year!

I simply had the kids choose their favorite color and/or design duct tape.  After cleaning out the buckets, I wrapped each bucket in duct tape.  That’s all there was to it!

And as you can see the cover remains on the container but 3/4’s of it lift up with plenty of room to put candy in and close it so no rain gets in.  Also, it can easily handle the weight of a bunch of candy and not all store bought Halloween bags can do that – we have suffered our share of broken bags with the children spilling candy in panic everywhere.

Now – no more spilled candy and no more wet candy… We are ready for the next challenge this season can throw at us.

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