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How to Protect Teens from Sexual Predator on this Halloween?

Cyberbullying and questionable content are all over the internet. According to the Pew research report published in 2019, 59% of US teens have been bullied or harassed online. In the corridors of college’s name-calling or rumor spreading was known as bullying, but online it is all happening in front of the faces. People think it.. [Read More]

Moosh Moosh Makes Halloween Even More Fun!

Moosh Moosh plushies have been a part of our lives for years.  They are known for being the softest, squishiest, cuddliest plush buddies and I couldn’t agree more.  They are perfect for persons of all ages and believe me – we all have them.  Of particular importance is that they can be enjoyed by everyone.. [Read More]

Equine Supplement Bucket to Trick or Treating Bucket

My kids actually go trick or treating several times each year.  We own a camper so we camp seasonally and the season includes two early October Trick or Treating weekends.  By the time actual Halloween comes along it is pretty much a non-event. Since they trick or treat three times at least, it is pretty.. [Read More]