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ReadySetz Urban Playset – Easy To Set Up and Hours Of Fun

Every little girl grew up wanting their very own dollhouse.  I was no different and for my two girls I built dollhouses – what a task that was.  But now ReadySetz has changed the game with their 3D Urban Playset.  This is not the cardboard from days of old—this material is durable, reinforced to be strong (so strong it can hold 100-pounds and it doesn’t collapse), water repellent, and vibrantly printed on both sides. More than a cardboard box, ReadySetz has everything a kid could dream of — ramps, trap doors, tunnels, landing pads – surrounded by a large photo realistic backdrop of an Urban landscape or Space Base. Each playset comes in two sizes and boasts family-friendly features from 0% plastic, 100% recyclable to fold-flat-for-storage convenience. Best of all, unfolding to set up takes mere seconds, since it arrives fully assembled! Urban Playset.  Dollhouses are a thing of the past and let me tell you – this set is perfect for boys and girls (of all ages).

We have the large Urban Playset which sells for $95 and it is quite large – fun for everyone even at the same time.  Unfolded it is 33″h x 43″w x 22″d – plenty of room to be played on by multiple persons from all sides.  It folds up quite compactly and only weighs 4 pounds.  It can easily be stored under a bed, behind a dresser or in any other 4″w spot.

The artwork is amazing.  Grayson and I played with it for hours and we still are not done exploring all the trap doors, other doors, windows etc…  It is Eco Friendly and 100% recyclable.

The entire structure is made from durable, structurally reinforced materials that can really stand up to some serious play.

You can use any figurines you’d like to play with this and in our play we used Weebles.  We will use a different set of figures the next time but Weebles slid down the ramps very easily!

There is also a smaller option that weighs 2 pounds and unfolded is 19” (h) X 12” (w) X 6” (d).

Extras include ramps (2) and a billboard.  The billboard has a helipad on the flip side!

Where did that Weeble go?

The only struggle is putting this away – he definitely wasn’t ready for bed… Fortunately it folds up in 2 seconds for play time another day.

And coming soon is an awesome new space base set that is available in a large and smaller size also.  It is available for pre-order and will ship in late October.  My kids (and grandkids) are totally going to want the space base too – who wouldn’t!

Don’t forget to preorder yours now!

ReadySetz has everything a kid could dream of — ramps, trap doors, tunnels, landing pads – surrounded by a large photo realistic backdrop of an Urban landscape or Space Base. 

I remember the dollhouses I built taking up an entire corner of a room.  This is so revolutionary – play with it, then pack it up in seconds.

These sets have won so many awards and I can totally see why.  You can see how quickly it sets up and is taken down through this video.

Here are some more user reviews, answers to FAQs and info about the backstory and inventor.

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