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So You’re Still Getting UTIs… Here are 3 Things to Know about UTIs in Older Adults

Do you have an aging grandparent or an elderly relative who is experiencing a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)? In old age problems like tiredness, low lean muscle mass, hip & knee pain or low stamina are most common. However, we can rule out the chances of UTI. This is because the infection is more likely to occur when an individual is frail. Elder patients with a UTI need immediate care and medicine likes prevention supplements or pills. Below are three important points to note about the urinary tract infection in older adults.

Look For Visible Signs Of A UTI

To spot a UTI in older adults, it is important to check for dominating symptoms and visible signs instead of murky health conditions like confusion. Only because your grandparent becomes confused does not imply that they have been affected. Delirium and confusion are also linked to aging and other factors like dehydration and cognitive impairment, so keep that in mind. For you to spot a possible UTI in elderlies usually caused by bladder obstruction, look for more meaningful and relevant signs closely associated with the infection.

Elevated urinary bacteria

A UTI also means high amounts of urinary bacteria but that is not a complication. We can easily treat it by increasing the fluid consumption. Have your elderly person drink plenty of water to fix the amounts of asymptomatic bacteriuria in the urine. Doctors often tend to prescribe antibiotics to correct this problem but this can lead to issues like antibiotic resistance and difficulty in treating future UTI occurrences. I suggest taking antibiotics only when there are multiple signs of a UTI or a condition that reflects a strong infection. Your doctor is the best judge in this case.

UTI Symptoms in Older adults

If you are to care for your loved one, then put in some time and effort to understand the various signs that confirm a possible infection. When you take them to a health care official, make sure you tell them about all the signs you have observed for the best treatment. Generally, older people with UTI experience sudden pain while urinating, frequent urination and a worsening condition of urgency, a tender lower abdomen area just above the pubic bone and a fever over 100.5 °F. A positive urine culture with the presence of any of these two signs confirms a UTI, which must be immediately treated.

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