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Don’t Let Knee and Hip Pain Slow You Down – Keep Going! #HP #TimeToHitPlay

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Wow so much has changed in my life in the last three months.  One of the most major changes is our daughter moving back home with our grandchildren.  Prior to this our horses were the focus of my life along with our teenage children.  Now – everything is about our grandchildren and doing all that we can to make our multigenerational home not only successful but also fun.

So at the very least we need to remain active to make it all work.  We can’t just sit and watch TV all day.  Not that we generally do that because we never just hang out – there is always a great deal to do and now there is even more.  We have no time to deal with knee or hip pain – and we definitely don’t want it.

I can definitely say that my knee pain primarily has kept me from doing so many things that I have wanted to.  Anything from playing with my grandchildren and children to riding our horses, camping, biking, hiking and more.  I used to be able to do all those things and more.  Some days are definitely better than others – I often have to think about what the day has in store and how I am going to navigate it without my family’s plans requiring changes etc… I know my body is in my 50s but my head still thinks – 20s.  Naturally this constant consideration of my limitations impacts my mood.  I don’t ride my horses as often as I’d like; I know longer hike on really rough terrain – I seem out more mild routes and ways to make my struggles more easy.

The struggle is real – it isn’t just my physical limitations but also my relationships with my spouse, children and grandchildren have to deal with my limitations and my moods when I can’t do all that I think I should be able to.  I am definitely looking into joint replacement surgery.  I have known for some time that I will need replacement knee surgery and it is time I should start planning so I can get back to doing all that I love to do with all the people I love to do it with.  Because life is a lot more fun when you Hit Play.

What can you and I do?  We can find a physician in your/our area who we can talk to about potential solutions to our hip and knee pain, including joint replacement surgery. Find out more at

Take a step to find out if joint replacement surgery is an option to get you back to doing the things you love. Because life is a lot more fun when you Hit Play. 

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