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myCharge Portable Charger Outlet

We travel alot – not really huge distances but long enough.  Tonight we are traveling about three hours plus to our destination.  Do you know what my car looks like?  Everyones’ heads are down – phones, laptops, tablets, etc… The only real conversation is – OMG my phone needs to be charged…  And God forbid I don’t have something to charge it.

Welcome to the myCharge Portable Charger Outlet.  This thing is awesome.  Not only does it help when I don’t have enough power ports in the car, but some of our destinations are a bit off the beaten path.  We need a way to at least keep the emergency items charged!

This device has 65 watts of power output with just one device.  Four things can be charged at a time.  It is a 20,800 mAh battery capable of charging laptops, running a small television, fan, recharging batters and more.  There is an AC outlet, 2 USB-A outlets and one USB-C outlet and all can be used simultaneously.

Best yet – it is literally the size of my very first portable charger which only charged one device, not well and not fully.  This thing is awesome weighing in at just 1.5 pounds and only 5″ x 5″.  I can definitely stow this away in anything I am carrying.  It is complete with an intelligent display that says which ports are on and off as well as if something gets plugged in that exceeds its maximum power output.

Not only that – it charges 50% faster than other chargers.  This can be purchased at Best Buy and at  This is easily a top 10 gift item this year for anyone – since we now all rely on charging items!

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