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How Long is Solar Panel Lifespan?

Solar Energy

The solar panels used to produce electricity for your home typically last 25 years or more. The life span is determined by several factors, including how well they’re installed and maintained. Weather Solar panels have a lot of benefits for homeowners. They help reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint while also increasing the value.. [Read More]

Why Should You Compare the Top Energy Plans in Victoria?

Since the energy market in Victoria was deregulated in 2002, it has become highly competitive. If you are losing out because of your current plan, energy comparison Victoria gives you the freedom to switch providers at will. Because of the deregulation, retailers operating within the Victorian energy sector can decide their product pricing to lure.. [Read More]

myCharge Portable Charger Outlet

We travel alot – not really huge distances but long enough.  Tonight we are traveling about three hours plus to our destination.  Do you know what my car looks like?  Everyones’ heads are down – phones, laptops, tablets, etc… The only real conversation is – OMG my phone needs to be charged…  And God forbid.. [Read More]