Keeping Our Dog safe With Markie’s Adventure Hands Free Adjustable Dog Leash

This girl is the queen of our house – there is no doubt about it.  She gets everyone’s attention any time she wants it.  And like any member of the family – we want to keep her safe at all times while also including her in our activities as much as possible.

The Keeping Our Dog safe With Markie’s Adventure Hands Free Adjustable Dog Leash is the perfect solution for our needs.   Xena is a newfoundland – although a bit on the small side for a newfie.  We needed a solution to deal with her excitement and strength.  Somehow she never inherited the laid back personality of most newfies – she has a personality more like a springer spaniel.

This leash grabbed my attention right away with its clips.  These clips are high quality and very strong – they aren’t going to break when (if) she starts yanking.  The hook is a carabiner style that is easy to open and self closes.  Each end has one of these hooks!

The two hook design means that when I want to switch to or from hands free – I do not need to unhook her to do it.  She remains safe by my side at all times.  The leash is 6 feet plus in total length and the design offers different loop options and lengths.

I am completely happy with this leash – she is strong and persistent.  The versatility of this leash allows me to remain in control of her at all times.

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