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Pain Relief Patches Reviewed

As you grow older, your body has a way to subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, tell you that you cannot do the same things that you used to do when you were younger. Unfortunately, the days of pushing yourself to the limit are gone. No longer will you be able to burn the candle at both end and wake up the next morning totally refreshed and ready to rock ‘n roll all over again.

As you age, daily routines can cause a host of pains and aches ranging from muscle sprains and strains to pain from continual use of your joints. Some of these pains will cause carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or arthritis. There are many repetitive injuries that occur from daily chores, work, using technology, and even doing weekly workout routines.

One of today’s modern alternatives to pain relief management is the pain relief patch. Years ago, a pain sufferer would have to rely on one of the over-the-counter medications found in their local pharmacy such as Tylenol, Advil, or aspirin. Today, pain relief patches offer direct relief to whatever affected muscle joint or group. They offer a constant release of medicine by means of an easy-to-use patch. It does not matter why you have pain because a pain relief patch is a great way of getting on with your life while controlling your pain.

A pain relief patch is a flat, sticky sheet that is applied to a dry, clean area of the skin that is affected by pain. They come conveniently prepackaged and are ready to be applied instantly. A pain relief patch is transdermal which means that the medication can be directly absorbed through the skin and into the painful joint or muscle below. This is a great advantage over previous pain pills that needed to dissolve in your digestive system before they were absorbed into your bloodstream.

A pain relief patch from Luminas can be purchased over-the-counter or prescribed depending on what type of medicine they contain. For example, a doctor may prescribe an opioid pain patch to control chronic pain in a patient who has cancer or a chronic painful disorder. However, for everyday pains and aches a milder topical analgesic is available at your local supermarket or drugstore. Over-the-counter pain relief patches can include various herbal ingredients such as wintergreen, menthol, camphor, or capsaicin.

There is quite a variety of pain relief patches on the market today including Salonpas Pain Relieving Patch, Thermacare Heatwraps, Aspercreme Lidocaine Patch, Icy Hot Smart Relief Back and Hip Starter Kit, and the Pain Terminator Infrared Patches by Golden Sunshine . The remainder of this article will discuss a few of the pros and cons for each of the above patch pain relief patches.

The Salonpas Pain Relieving Patch offers temporary relief from pain. They provide an effective and simple solution. The patch has three active pain killing ingredients along with a flexible design. The patch is primarily used for sprains, strains, and sore muscles. They are very comfortable to wear and are extremely fast acting. The pros include easy to apply, patches are flexible, and they can treat bruises, sprains, strains, and arthritis. The cons include a complaint of a strong odor.

The Thermacare heat patches for relieving pain utilizes a patented heat cell technology. This unique technology will allow the heat to easily penetrate deep within the damaged tissue. The heat will work to increase circulation, encourage healing, and relieve tension. The patch has been designed to be discreet and is shaped to fit almost every part of the body. The pros include a flexible and thin design for discretion, provides effective relief for up to eight hours, and deep penetration of the heat. The cons include a heat that is not intense enough to help larger joints such as the knee joint.

The Aspercreme Lidocaine Patch is odor free and has a maximum concentration of an effective ingredient called Lidocaine. This product does not require a prescription. It is non-irritating, fast acting, and targets various pain receptors for effective results. The patch is easy to apply, breathable, and painless to remove. You can use this type of patch for leg pain, back pain, and so much more. The pros include odor free, will not burn or irritate the skin, and utilizes maximum strength Lidocaine without a prescription. The cons include a tendency for the patch to fall off during workouts.

The Icy Hot Pain Relief Patch has 50% more medicine than other leading patches. Each patch includes menthol which will generate a targeted, advanced relief from pain. The patches are easy to apply and remove, flexible, and breathable. The pros include easy to remove and apply, suitable for treating the majority of joint and muscle pains, and they contain 50% more medicine than many other leading patches.

The Pain Terminator Infrared Patches can be used for bursitis, arthritis, and other pain conditions. They contain wintergreen and menthol oil for a more natural option for pain discomfort. Your body heat will activate the patch and it will emit a therapeutic infrared frequency. This frequency will provide a herbal formulation that goes deep into the damaged tissues. It is best to allow the cream (included) to absorb into the skin prior to applying the patch. The patch can be cut into smaller shapes so as to treat fingers, feet, and hands.

The pros include an additional pain relief cream for greater benefits, can be cut into smaller shapes and sizes, and they contain natural, herbal painkillers. The cons include that the patch is not very stretchy which means that it is better on the flatter areas of the body. Other well-known pain relief patches include Helio Patch, Roihi-tsuboko Pain Relief Patches by Nichiban, and Pain Relieving Patches by Tiger Balm.

People often reach for various pill medications to alleviate aches and pains. Some alternative pain remedies include heat, ice, muscle creams, stretches, and massage. Pain relief patches, nevertheless, are definitely worth considering as an alternative form of pain relief. Some of the benefits include quick, long-lasting relief, easy to apply, less digestive distress, and over-the-counter availability.


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  • Megan Alder

    My husband and I decided to start working out, and we are looking for advice to be able to reduce pains for whatever hurts. It’s interesting to know that one of the best ways to relieve pain is by using patches. I will definitely consider these options and will talk to him about it so we know what to use.

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