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So You Need A New Roof – Now What?

I am not sure why but when I was younger, I always assumed I would be hands-on as an adult.  My father was an electrician, and occasionally I went on jobs with him.  Mostly though, I was in charge of drilling the holes and helping him run the wire, then when I turned 16, I was not going to be paying someone all the time to work on my car, so I did my own oil changes, brake repairs, filters, etc…  Nowadays, I can’t do that stuff – cars have changed so much, but back then I was always ripping apart my cars for something.

Then I got married and had two stepsons.  I got this great idea to build a small shelter for our bicycles.  Well, $400 later, we had built something a lot larger than small!  That was my first experience with roofing – not as large as a house but all by myself with two young children.  I remember the day my husband came home from work, and I had the kids on the roof – putting on the shingles.  Yup, we were proud of the end result, and we, of course, didn’t take long to completely fill it up.

Yup – by then, I felt pretty much unstoppable.  We started building picnic tables and anything else we could come up with.  As you know there is never a shortage of things to fix or build.  As far as roofs go though – I started signing up for community projects and spent a great deal of time on top of structures to help build or replace roofs – and I loved it.

So things like needing a roof don’t stress me out anymore.  I won’t be able to do our current house, though – it is 4 stories high.   We will definitely need to consult a specialist at Mt Lebanon-PA Roofers.  Far too high and I am far too mortal to consider climbing up there.  That’s when I start searching for professionals such as roofing Tampa Fl.  Professional roofers won’t bat an eyelash at the height of a home.

Tips to hire a roofer

  • Word of mouth – what do other homeowners say?  Surely you know people who have had to replace a roof
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they carry any manufacturer designations?
  • Do they have experience in your type of environment – such as winds, temperature changes, and potential major storms, etc…
  • Always check the Better Business Bureau – we hired a building contractor once without checking and one of the biggest learning opportunities we have ever had…
  • Can they offer extended warranties?
  • Require copies of their licensing and insurance
  • Research beforehand what material choices make sense for your home and area.  That way, when you engage in conversations you will know what is appropriate and what is not.
  • Before meeting a contractor face to face – treat it like a job interview and conduct an over-the-phone screening.  Things you may want to ask are who would be on the job site?  How many people would be there?  What would the work hours be?  Do they clean up after themselves?  You can ask many questions that really have more to do with who they are before you go so far as to get an estimate.



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