SmartGames Does It Again – Snow White Deluxe and Puzzle Games

We love SmartGames – yup, let’s get that out there right away.  They have so many games that are perfect for all ages.  We were first introduced to SmartGames with Quadrillion.  That is such a fun game and still one of our favorites.  We turn to it for family game night frequently.

The Quadrillion game includes 4 magnetic grids to create game board, 12 big colorful puzzle pieces and a challenge booklet. Smart extends beyond brain-boosting board games with physics-inducing construction toys, featuring colorful, magnetic building pieces.

Then we tried IQ Focus  – This is considered one of their pocket games.  It is a small portable game in a plastic self carrying case.  The idea is to fit all the puzzle pieces on the game board so that the colors of the 9 central squares match what is shown in the challenge.  There are 10 multicolor, multi-shaped pieces and a booklet with 120 challenges.  My daughter loves trying to come up with her own random challenge and simply fit all the pieces on the board.  Not an easy task and definitely one she takes quite seriously.

Temple Connection is my favorite game because it is 3 dimensional!  With this game you build roads and bridges to link the temples! Can you solve this ancient mystery and place the right roads and bridges on the board to create paths that connect the beautiful temples? Ages 7+ can play this game and there are 80 challenges!  The gist is to connect the three temples using the roads and bridges that are provided.

We also love IQ Stars and can easily play it for hours.  Per SmartGames – this is the ideal introduction to SmartGames’ IQ series for younger players, though simple task of placing stars on a grid is not as easy as it looks. Let the fun begin!  Funny – younger players but I am 51 and thoroughly enjoy it!  What I love about some of their games is they are compact and able to be taken anywhere.  We travel alot so these are perfect for us. The goal is to fit all the pieces on the board – easier said than done sometimes!  This is a great game for beginners (to expert) and has 120 combinations – there are only 7 pieces so how hard can it be?  Try it and see!

Asteroid Escape also a solo game for ages 8 and up with up to 60 combinations.  The point to this game is simple – your plane needs to navigate the asteroid field to escape.  Harder than it looks because even the tips of the wings cannot hit an asteroid…


And now… Just in time for this holiday season – Snow White is a game that is for children younger than mine (grandchildren…).  The player needs to find Snow White between the wicked witch and the 7 dwarfs. You can play on both sides of the beautiful 3D home. Start from the backside and use logic to find the place of the remaining dwarves, the witch and SnowWhite. Then you can play from the front side. Open and close the doors and windows to check their placement with the solution.   There are 48 challenges as well as a picture book and designed for ages 4-7.

The Cube Puzzler Go is a 1 person game (we love these types of games) that puts your logic and deduction skills to work as you create cubes to solve each challenge!

Or try building a cube with the 6 colorful, ball-shaped puzzle pieces with the Cube Puzzler PRO. Put your spatial insight, logic and deduction skills to work as you create cubes to solve each challenge! Like the Cube Puzzler GO, this PRO case doubles as an attractive tray to play and solve up to 80 real 3D-challenges.

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