Five Surprising Facts About Dogs

Dogs are fascinating creatures that are capable of doing so much more than we could have ever known.  You might not have known about some of the things you will read below, or you might come across something that will help you understand why your dog does what they do.  Look at what dogs can do and are all about that you might want to know, and you will find that you interact with your dogs differently based on this information.

  1. We Are Still Studying Dogs

Dog facts at Dr. Marty Pets are just the beginning of what people can learn about dogs.  There are studies going on every year about dogs that reveal more interesting facts about them, and we are still doing research on things like the comparison between dogs and wolves, how dogs interact with humans, and how dogs evolved into the breeds that they are today.  We have the history of some breeds and behaviors, but we do not know why they all ended up this way.

  1. Dogs And Wolves Are Closely Related

Dogs and wolves are so closely related that people often confuse wolves for dogs and vice versa.  Dogs are pack animals just like wolves, and dogs have many of the same characteristic of wolves including how their teeth are set, how they work with family units, and how they interact in play or fighting among other dogs.

  1. Dogs Regard Us As Family

Studies have shown that dogs regard humans as family.  These studies have tested the brain waves of dogs that interact with their humans, and it shows that dogs think of their humans as part of their family units.  Dogs are pack animals that can remember old mates from their pack long ago, and they are willing to fight for family which is why they are such a good protector for single people especially women.

  1. Dogs Can Climb

Dogs have a natural ability to climb, and they can climb trees and walls much higher than you might have thought.  There are wall climb contests for athletic dogs, and there are many breeds of dog that were bred just so that they could have the claws to climb up a large structure or rock wall.

  1. The Breeds Are Very Specific

The breeds of dogs that you find today are very specific because they were made to heard cattle or to hunt.  They were made to protect people, or they were made to search for lost items.  Every breed of dog you see has a purpose, and they are all still capable of doing that job even if they have not grown up doing such a thing.

The dogs that you see around you are very interesting creatures, and they have have been bred over many years to do good things for the people around them.  This means that you as the owner should be cognizant of that and work with your dog accordingly so that they can live well.

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