No Tie Elastic Shoelaces

For Christmas the only thing I have asked my husband for is a new pair of sneakers.  That’s what I ask for every Christmas.  I beat my shoes up – I have quite a few pairs of sneakers but most of them are light weight with holes on the bottom.  They are designed for dry land or water and are considered quick dry shoes.  But that isn’t so great while I am at the barn or trapsing through puddles etc…

I try very hard to remain active and owning horses and caring for them kind of insures that.  But I have a great deal of metal in my legs and activity doesn’t necessarily equate to flexibility.  That was gone a long time ago – back in my Irish Step Dance days.  This lack of flexibility can make it a bit difficult to tie my shoes sometimes.  I wish that weren’t the case but unless I get knee replacements – it is too much of a struggle.  I can do it – but why struggle when I can use QLaces!

These laces are just what I need for when I get my new sneakers.  Not only do I not need to tie them – but I also don’t even need to untie them.  All I need to do is slip them on and off.  Even better!  It is also awesome that I will not need to tie my shoes while with my horses.  No horse is 100% predictable.  I would love to think they are.  But I really don’t want them stepping on an untied shoe or me bending over to tie my shoe and whoops – my horse gets spooked by something and I am definitely in the way.

Because these laces are elastic they also don’t loosen up with my foot eventually sliding all around.  The fit is always a decent snug fit.  Additionally, I am going to need to get some more of these.  My 18 year old son is autistic.  He doesn’t want to stand out with velcro shoes and can’t quite tie a shoe – the no tie shoelaces are the perfect solution.  What he has been doing is just knotting them and never having to tie them.  Not helpful.  He really wants to be just like anyone else – with QLaces he can be.

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