The Perfect Necklace – Completely Customized

Do you have a unique name?  Does your child?  Well both my name and my daughter’s is unique.  Mine may not be unique in Greece but in the United States – totally unique.

My daughter’s name is Sephora – no she wasn’t named after the cosmetic chain, in fact I am pretty sure that chain didn’t exist prior to her being born and if it did, it was nowhere near popular enough that I’d ever heard of it.  But her name is from the bible – Moses’ wife.  The hebrew spelling of her name  is Tzipporah.  We really didn’t want her to grow up trying to spell that.  So we went with the french spelling and pronunciation – Sephora.  It is also pronounced like “Debra/Sefra” – not the same pronunciation as the cosmetic chain.  And yes we have to explain this alot to people.

But with a name like that we can never buy anything off a shelf with that name.  The exception is that we can often get a bag or something from the cosmetic chain.

Get Name Necklace has to solution.  Every necklace is custom made with the option to choose from three styles, four different materials, five different chain lengths, and two chain types.  Personally I can see this making a great gift for a set of bridesmaids.  Everyone would love a customized necklace like this.

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