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Protect Your Rings and Your Fingers With Groove Air Silicone Stackable Rings #groovelife #silconering

I absolutely love my wedding rings but they have posed a problem for me on more than one occasion.  We have been married for 28+ years and quite honestly it is amazing that I even still have them.

First after about 5 years of marriage, I was outside working in the Fall and the diamond fell right out.  There were leaves and dirt everywhere – honestly there was the most minimal chance of finding that diamond.  Surprisingly and thankfully we did.  After that, my husband added sapphires on both sides of the diamonds to try and protect it a little better…

Then about 13 years ago I managed to deglove and crush my finger when I got my hand caught with my rings on – this time the gems were fine but the rings had to be cut off to save my finger…

…And a year ago the thin front ring snapped apart.  The bottom was so thin from years of wear it literally snapped.  That ring is my grandmother’s wedding band.  This time the settings needed to be repaired, the ring put back together and all three rings melted into one.

I have never been a person to only do delicate work.  My hands take a beating while caring for my horses, lugging hay, cleaning stalls, carrying grain and bedding and more.  If I wear my rings you can see what even minimal damage looks like to my hands.  The stones slam into my fingers and leave knicks on a daily basis.

The answer is to stop wearing my expensive rings when working and switch to Groove Air’s Silicone Stackable rings…  They are gorgeous sets of three stackable rings that are a breathable design – tough, durable and low profile.  These are perfect for anyone who is active, adventurous etc… They will not hurt your finger and they are affordable enough you don’t need to stress out about anything happening to them.

The Sets of rings are stacked in colorful and complementary designs.  You don’t need to worry about the rings getting caught on anything because they fit your finger perfectly.

Made from 80 durometer medical grade silicone, Groove is the first and only active ring to be liquid poured. This means fine detail and perfect design with little to no mold marks or flaws.  Groove silicone is resistant to most common chemicals including gasoline, oil, diesel, & household cleaning products.  Groove is also non porous, non conductive, heat resistant, and hypoallergenic.

GrooveLife has a NO BS Unlimited Warranty on their rings. Break it, stretch it, lose it or aren’t satisfied in any way and they have you covered.


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