Choose To Reuse With Zak! Earth Day 04/22/19

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Earth Day 2019 is almost here!  We always look forward to Earth Day.   It gives us a chance to remind ourselves and our children just how important it is to reuse, recycle, upcycle etc…  We need to leave this earth better than it was when we got here and it is a monumental task but each of us truly can make a difference.

Zak! has continual been a household name for us.  They have so much of what we  want and need to be able to reuse and be as environmental friendly as possible.  We need to stop using so many items that are disposable.  So much of what is “disposable” is not biodegradable and it has to go somewhere.  Decades and centuries of disposables have left such a negative footprint on our world.  We need to stop and think and act.

Join us in the 30 day pledge.  It takes 30 days for actions to become a habit.  Starting on Earth Day 2019 (4/22) let’s all make conscious decisions to reuse.  Zak can help – check out this Alfalfa Tumbler which is a stainless steel double-wall, vacuum insulated tumbler.  Perfect for the person who is “on the go”.  It is even available in pink, blue or black.

We also try to use reusable bags whenever we go to the store.  First of all those plastic store bags rip and are a waste of time anyway.  And I need ten of those disposable plastic bags for each ONE reusable bag.  With three flights of stairs to climb bringing in groceries – I’ll take the reusable bag of those awful plastic bags any day.

My grandson is even loving is reusable bracelet and necklace thanks to Zak!  Problem is the sun is too bright for him to open his eyes!

Are you ready to take the pledge?

Zak! can help – they are offering a 20% off coupon for their Alfalfa tumbler until 5/15 with coupon code:  CHOOSETOREUSE

Choose To Reuse Staggering Statistics

  • Every minute a million plastic bottles are bought around the world (1)
  • Not even half the plastic bottles sold in 2016 were turned in for recycling, and only 7% of those were used to create new bottles (2)
  • It takes more than 400 years for plastic to degrade (3)
  • By 2025, the ratio of plastic to fish in the ocean could be one to three, and by 2050, it’s expected that the weight of plastics in ocean will surpass the weight of fish in the ocean (4)
  • 91% of the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic that’s been produced has not been recycled according to a study published in late 2018 in the peer-reviewed journal Science Advances.
  • Half of all plastics become trash in less than a year, the same study found.


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