How To Safely Work On Your Vehicle #CarLifts

Do you work on your own car?  Or, do you bring it to a shop?  I have seen so many things over the years that are concerning and disregard safety when working on vehicles.

I have seen people use a jack but with no real idea how to use it – the car falls off and best case scenario, the car is damaged.  Worst case scenario the car collapses to the ground and lands on someone or rolls away and lands on someone.  The result is something that can never be taken back or reversed.  People know there is a jack in their car but they don’t research how to use one until they are in a situation where they need it.

Years ago my uncle built a garage and in it he built a huge hole in the ground so he could drive vehicles over the hole – standing beneath it to work on vehicles.  I could never ever drive my car over that hole!  I was always afraid I would miss and the car would crash right down!

What is the best way to safely work on a car?  With a car lift from Best Buy Auto Equipment of course!  With a car lift the car is safely in place while being worked on and the mechanic or worker can see the entire vehicle.  Everything is exposed with excellent visibility.  Designs vary as does weight capacity but the safety in all of them is undeniable.

Do your research and get the right lift for your needs!


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