5 Reasons Why Digital Agencies Envy Neil Patel

Digital marketing is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. Search Google for a “digital agency,” and the number of results will leave you overwhelmed by the volume of choices.

Now try and view this from an agency’s perspective. It’s this sea of options that turns the digital marketing space into a competitive hotbed. Yet some names consistently hold their own, even in a crowd. Neil Patel is one such name. Neil has grown to become one of the most sought-after marketers of our times and an indispensable asset for his clients.

But how has he managed to do that?

After analyzing several reviews of Neil Patel services, I have identified five things he does really well which set him apart from the rest.

  1. He’s Everywhere You’re Looking

If you search for digital marketing, odds are Neil Patel Digital will pop up ahead of the other agencies. Neil has mastered the art of showing up with relevant content when it matters. This is indicative of what he can and presumably does for his clients.

Additionally, Neil has developed a strong following for himself as a mentor in the digital marketing space. He actively puts out high-quality content through his podcasts, blogs, and tutorial videos, most of which are absolutely free.

  1. He’s Data-Driven But Smart About It

We’ve all seen those blog posts saying that good data is the key to shrewd decision-making. However, digital agencies tend to over-rely on vanity metrics. This leads to marketing decisions being dictated purely by flawed science instead of creative humans.

Neil is a big advocate of data, but also understands the importance of factoring in human traits when conceiving of lead generation ideas. A lot of his content has screengrabs showcasing numbers, analytics, and graphs. However, that isn’t all. All this data is supplemented with tips to connect it with intuition and strategy to enhance decision-making.

  1. He’s Consistently Relevant

Creating, scaling, and sustaining a marketing strategy requires the right kind of expertise at the right stage. Where one digital agency is relevant, another one may not be so. Some marketing agencies specialize in ecommerce, while others specialize in conversion optimization, for example – but all agency professionals are somewhere in their journeys from being hungry newbies keen to experiment to being seasoned masters who don’t want to learn new tricks.

Neil Patel has done away with this issue. Despite being in the business since digital marketing became “a thing,” he has successfully managed to keep himself relevant by sharing tactics and strategies for marketers at every level of the learning curve – beginner, intermediate, and advanced alike.

  1. He’s The Complete Digital Stack

Marketing channels are now extremely interconnected. A strategy that does not integrate all the aspects of marketing is, sooner or later, likely to bite the dust. Therefore, expertise across digital marketing channels like the one that you will get from Marketing Sweet Brisbane SEO Services and the ability to bring them together is vital.

Neil Patel brings this competency to the table. He has a deep understanding of building marketing strategies across digital disciplines – from social media platforms like Facebook to email and webinar marketing; from content optimization to affiliate marketing. He covers it all.

  1. He’s Quick To Educate

Keeping up with new innovations in the marketing ecosystem is challenging. Changes that directly impact digital strategies, like updates to ranking algorithms and analytics are incredibly hard to track. The best agency visionaries know that their clients don’t only turn to them for services – it’s also about shared expertise. Educating clients, moreover, also has benefits in terms of managing their expectations.
Not only does Neil keep up with these changes, but he’s also quick to share them with his readers and subscribers through blog posts, videos and newsletters. This allows him to proactively help his clients adapt to the new changes, while the rest of the market plays catch-up.

If Only We Could All Be Neil

What do you think Neil Patel does better than other digital agencies? Let us know in the comments below.

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