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New Car Happiness With The KidiRace RC Police Car

My husband and I have five kids – the oldest three are now grown.  But through the childhood of these five, every one of them has always loved remote control cars.  Now we even have grandchildren who have that same love.  In particular our autistic 18 year old son can be kept busy with a remote control car for hours and hours.

This Kidirace RC Police Car is perfect for our family.  It is durable – which is great because my son is not the greatest driver.  It can easily handle being bumped into things and basically keeps a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

It comes with two AA batteries for the remote and the car is charged via a micro USB cable (included).  It takes a few hours to charge the car and then it is good for about 30 minutes of driving time.

Once everything is charged you need to pair the two together – then all of a sudden the engine revs and the car starts up with a hemi like sound.  The car is complete with lights, flashers, horn, and sirens.

This car is capable of nice tight turns and quick response – up, down, left, right.  Although we only have one car – they are designed so you could race up to six and they won’t interfere with one another.

I will say the sounds are very realistic.  More than once while my son was playing, I found myself looking out the window to see where the police sirens were coming from.

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