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Krill MAX Fish Oil for Dogs

Our dog is definitely our best friend.  She is amazing and absolutely gorgeous.  Like so many people who love their pets, we love to spoil her.  She definitely doesn’t make it easy though.

Xena Lee is a giant breed Landseer Newfoundland – 9 years old.  We have so many routines that she participates in with us and she is always extremely happy to be by our side.  As a giant breed dog she struggles with some of the issues common to their sizes.  However, she does not like to take any supplements and actually doesn’t even like treats.  Most dogs like their bones etc… but not her.  She doesn’t give kisses – she gives loads of hugs all day long though.

Along comes K9 Pro Krill Fish Oil for Dogs!  Not only is it a treat that she couldn’t wait for me to open – she LOVES it.  But that isn’t all – it is healthy for her.   This has 350mg of pure antarctic krill oil for dogs with EPA (180mg) and DHA Omega 3 (120mg) Fatty Acids.  Additionally, they have Astaxanthin, Phospholipids, and Choline which make it a truly complete joint supplement – all with chicken and cheese flavoring.  

I can’t wait until she has been on these chewables for a while – her coat is going to be so shiny and gorgeous.  I no longer need to fight with her to take her “medicine”.

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