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Z Button To Help Get Your ZZZzzzs

In our home we have three generations with many different sleeping patterns.  Some of us have an easy time falling asleep and others – struggle on a regular basis.  My youngest daughter and I struggle with sleep.  We are always looking for new ways to relax and get those zzzz’s more quickly.

In the past we have had some success with calming recordings on Audible.  Those tend to help us fall asleep but then we are easily awakened again to start the process over again.

We have all heard of the easy button – very famous and quite annoying actually . But now there is the Z Button – totally not annoying and actually useful.  When you turn it on via the tab at the bottom it is all ready for you to press the button when you are ready for bed.  Then there is 15 minutes of relaxing sounds and speaking to lull you into a deep sleep and quickly.

It is designed for young children but neither my daughter nor I are young children and it works perfectly.  For me, I love using it after a long day at work so I can “shut off my brain” – which always seems to be the biggest problem.  I am able to leave it all behind and relax and fall asleep leaving me even more refreshed for the next day.

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