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6 Ways To Boost Confidence In Your Child

Growth-years for children can be tough. But, it is during these years that a child or a teenager develops self-belief, self-trust, self-faith, and most importantly self-confidence that he/she will carry for the rest of his/her life. Classrooms aren’t usually the paradise that we imagine it to be, and not always every child walking out from there transform into a confident individual. So now it’s on your shoulders to carve the needed confidence in your child. You certainly don’t want him to be the meek voice that can be easily walked over.

Now, when the ‘why’ is pretty much clear, here’s your answer to the ‘how’, brought to you by Etutorworld

Listen, Listen & Listen

When your child is speaking, stay quiet for a second and listen, carefully! Interruption or ignorance can transmit the message to your child that says, ‘You are not important’ or ‘I don’t care about what you are saying.’ Sending such messages or signs to their subconscious mind will cause harm to their confidence and self-belief. So, you might have heard that story a hundred times over, still, just listen. When the little stars comprehend that people want to hear from them, especially their parents, their morale raises manifolds.

Let them be the Leaders

Don’t always play a boss because you are the parent – let them take over in small matters, it boosts their confidence to a considerable extent. For instance, let them pick the subjects they would want to do their homework in an order they most find suitable. This will instill a sense of belonging among the children, develop self-belief and also teach them how to play their strengths.

Set an example

Children are your reflection – they would grasp more on what they see and observe than what you instruct or command. So, the easiest way to ask your child to do something or learn something is to ‘do it yourself’. Show them the self-confidence, so that they know it’s not okay to degrade yourself for other people’s opinions. Even if you think they aren’t around, don’t let down the self-confidence – you never know they might be listening to you behind the walls.

Consider tutoring

As a parent you have a truckload of responsibilities, right from your child’s education to his mental health – everything is on your shoulders. This is when you can consider tutoring programs. Tutors are the experts in specific subject matters who deal with children on a daily basis and are aware of their viewpoint and mental structure. They are trained to transform your child into confident individuals. So sometimes when all the home remedies fail, it’s always better to seek an expert’s guidance. My parents have always been working and I was always a weak student in Mathematics. Once they got me a grade 10 math help, it really boosted my confidence.

Set goals with them

Goals can change your entire lifestyle, whether for good or for bad. While every individual must have the freedom to set their own goals, you as a parent can assist them to set attainable and realistic goals. The goals need not necessarily be academically focused. It could be in the sphere of day to day life also. Once you have set the goals, push them to work harder with persistence in order to achieve them. You will notice that their confidence has risen a notch higher when they achieve small goals set by both of you.

You don’t need to be a superhero

If your child is struggling with his day to day activities, let them scratch their own way out instead of taking in your own hands. A lot of parents don’t understand this and dive in to rescue their children from the misery. You might think that you are helping them, but subconsciously you are just hurting their confidence. A rescue at all levels forces them to think that they are not good enough and that they can’t do their job alone. So sometimes, drop the cape of a superhero and let them learn their lessons.

Before winding up, here’s one last tip – NEVER compare your children to anyone else, this not just kills confidence but germinates inferiority and self-doubt. Every child is unique blessed with a different set of strengths and weaknesses, let him become the best version of his OWN SELF. (and no one else!)


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