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Gourmet Dates: Health, Taste or Asian Traditions?

Dates are a fruit – technically they are the fruit of the date palm tree.  As a fruit they are incredibly versatile due to their chewy, sweet flavor. But they also have so many wonderful benefits that you may not be aware of.  And who doesn’t love a healthy treat that also tastes great!

Health Benefits


This is one of the most well known benefits of dates.  I remember fondly the the remedies my grandmother always recommended to family members and dates were definitely among the remedies frequently recommended.  What I never knew from her lessons is “how” they helped with constipation. The answer is fiber – dates are very rich in natural fiber.


Magnesium has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and dates are rich in magnesium.

Cardiac Health

Dates have a low glycemic index which will help with weight loss and heart health.


If you have high cholesterol, dates are the perfect treat.  They are low in saturated and trans fat and will leave you satisfied.

High Blood Pressure

Due to being rich in magnesium and potassium, they are a wonderful resource to help reduce high blood pressure.  Additionally, this can also reduce the risk of stroke.


Vitamin K can help keep your bones healthy and strong and dates have plenty of vitamin K.  Indulge three times a day and stay strong.

And more….

Dates can also help with fertility, brain function, metabolism, skin, hair, boosts energy, promote labor (pregnancy), prevent blood sugar spikes, improve vision, help allergies, aid and digestion… And more…!


One of the most impressive attributes of dates is their taste (and texture).  Some people struggle with the texture of fruits but dates are very different. They have a texture similar to a sweet treat that may not be a fruit – making it easy to forget they are eating something healthy!  And taste? Delicious! Dates can easily sweeten up recipes such as smoothies, energy bars, muffins, dessert bars, brownies, salads, scones and so much more – anything you’d like to add sweetness to!

My favorites are smoothies and smoothie bowls such as Wallflower Kitchen’s hormone balancing smoothie or Bakerita’s Banana Date Smoothie bowl.

Asian Traditions

In Asia dried dates are a frequent ingredient in recipes since they are so rich in nutrients and can provide so many benefits especially  in areas where there may be fewer natural resources to sustain a person’s diet. Dates are often used in teas as a natural sweetener and the result can be quite amazing.  A soup can be turned into a delicacy by adding dates giving it a sweetness without added sugar. Although these recipes are not exclusively in Asian cultures, they definitely are more abundant in these cultures.  And don’t assume a date is a date – you would of course want to start your dates taste journey with the best ones! Gourmet dates are highly valued in Asian countries and luckily available to the rest of the world as well. Top quality organic dates of the highest quality can be ordered from Bateel by clicking here!

Dates are not as frequently used in American diets but we have a lot to learn from our Asian friends who definitely know how to use foods with the most health benefits without compromising taste and comfort – we all love our comfort foods!


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