Neoprene Car Seat Cover

We have a Yukon and an F350 and I have always struggled to find car seat covers that are large enough.  Sometimes even when they say they are truck sized – they really aren’t even close.  Today I found one that is – the ALLVEK Car Seat Cover.  the photos are on the seat of GMC Yukon and they are actually even a little on the large size for those seats.  They also fit the truck seats so we are going to be buying more.  My Yukon seat is more than a little worn though so this is where it is staying for now.

There is a nice “hood” that goes over the top of the seat and as you can see it has a “tie clip” in the back to keep it nice and snug.  The car seat cover isn’t going anywhere.

Another way this seat cover is superior is the rubber underside that creates a non slip surface.  This surface grips the seat and keeps it all in place.

There is a clip that goes around the seat to add additional stability to the cover when you are getting in and out of the car.  This is anti-fade and waterproof!  Since my vehicle is also used at the barn and can sit in the sun all day long and goodness knows the kids can get in soak and wet from cooling off in the river – excellent for the rough living we do.

It is very easy to install.  The only thing I recommend is that you let it air out a few days prior to installing because it does have a strong neoprene smell but once it is out of the package a few days it is totally fine.

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