Do This For 90 Days to Radically Improve Your Life

Do you want to change your life for the better? If you’re struggling with recurring personal issues, you may have tried to resolve them by reading self-help books or going to personal growth workshops. While these probably did you a world of good, they probably didn’t transform your life as much as you had hoped.

Still, there’s one more thing you could try to move the needle: take massive action on one thing for 90 days.

Why Change is Hard

Change is hard because our subconscious mind resists our efforts. It prefers the familiar. While traditional methods of change work, they work at a slow pace. It takes time to increase self-awareness and to learn proven principles of success by reading self-improvement literature. It also takes time to put into practice many of the ideas you might learn at a personal growth workshop.

Is Fast Change Possible?

If you want to change your life because you’re in the thick of a difficult life situation, then you probably want fast change. Contrary to conventional wisdom, fast change is possible. It requires that you do 3 things:

First, you must identify your major constraint.  What problem do you want to resolve quickly?

Second, you must declare a definitive deadline. If you want to change quickly, you need to set a deadline. While 30 days sounds reasonable enough, most people find it’s too short. By the time they are getting familiar with their new plan of action, the challenge is over.  The sweet spot for self-transformation challenges appears to be 90 days. If the deadline is any longer, say six months or a year, then it becomes somewhat abstract and loses its sense of urgency. You may have noticed that 90-day transformations are popular in muscle-building or weight-loss programs. That’s long enough to create a major shift in body composition.

Third, you must take massive action on your major constraint, making it the primary focus of each day.

What Can You Change in 90 Days?

Here are some examples of something you could change in 90 days.

1. Addictions

While we often think of addictions as drug and alcohol abuse, there are other types of addictions, too, like behavioral addictions.

Behavioral addictions are subtle. You could experience an ongoing sense of guilt and shame, lie habitually, or deny any responsibility for anything. You could routinely miss work or school or other important things. You could completely neglect self-care.

Psychologists classify these behaviors as addictive because you can’t stop them and they are making your life increasingly worse.

Usually addictive behaviors are hard to change on your own. So, it’s best to work with a psychotherapist or mental health clinic program.

2. Poor Health

If you are in poor health, then you may have a serious illness or may just feel awful most of the time.

If you have a serious illness, then you will need to follow a healthy routine recommended by your doctor.

If, however, you just feel out-of-sorts, then consider enrolling in a yoga class, changing your diet, and improving the quality of your sleep to rebuild your health.

3. Financial Difficulties

If you don’t have enough money at the end of each month to pay for your basic living expenses, then you probably experience a considerable amount of anxiety every single day.

Decide what you need to change.

Is it your money management? Is it your job or business? Is it your income-generating skills?

What if You Fail?

What if you don’t achieve the changes you want in 90 days? It doesn’t matter as much as you might think. By the time you’re done with your 90-day sprint, you’ll be a different person. Use the momentum you’ve generated to start another 90-day life makeover plan.

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