Why semi precious stone bracelets are the best type of jewelry for men to wear?

Even though nowadays it’s not weird or frowned upon for men to wear jewelry, they still have significantly fewer options than women. That, of course, has to do with marketing first of all since we know that women find it much more exciting and enticing to go shopping, but also to receive presents from their partners. However, we live in a free world, where men are able to express themselves the way they want and wear anything they please, in order to feel happy and accomplished. In this article, we will see why semi precious stone bracelets are the best choice for a young or even more mature gentleman.

  1. Semi precious stone bracelets are masculine.

One of the first aspects you will notice about semi precious stone bracelets, especially those sold by Balisarda, is that they look absolutely 100% masculine. If you are a man, there is absolutely no chance that somebody looking at you would think these bracelets were made for anybody else. From their color to their design and knots, everything about them transmits masculinity and power.

  1. They are elegant.

Furthermore, semi precious stone bracelets are extremely elegant since they are perfectly crafted and maintain their aspect for a long time. They come in luxury boxes and will look like new even if you wear them everyday. This is a sign of quality from the producer, but also a sign of self-respect from your side since you wouldn’t wear any product, especially a piece of jewelry, if it looked anything else than perfect. 

Another aspect to take into consideration is the fact that semi precious stone bracelets look as good with a suit as they do with a shirt with rolled up sleeves or a polo T shirt.

  1. The offer is extremely diverse.

At Balisarda, you will find numerous types of semi precious stone bracelets, which differ in color, aspect or the type of stones used. For example, here you will find the Hawk’s Eye Beaded Bracelet, with a Sterling Silver Bead and Multicolored Gemstones on a Black Cord, as well as the Lava Beaded Bracelet, with Triple Sterling Silver Beads and Black Gemstones. However, one of the most special models on Balisarda’s site is the Amethyst Beaded Bracelet, with Triple Sterling Silver Beads and Purple Gemstones.

  1. They act like lucky charms.

Last but not least, semi precious stone bracelets have a lot of power on their bearer and they can make him feel much better and even act in such a manner that would change his whole life. For example, the White Howlite Beaded Bracelet helps you achieve your inner peace, while the Malachite Beaded Bracelet, with Green Gemstones, protects your personal growth and abundance of the spirit. On the other hand,  the Lapis Lazuli Beaded Bracelet, with Blue Gemstones, stimulates “the third eye”, providing the balance of mind and soul, while the Matte Eye Agate provides pragmatism when it comes to decision making.

In conclusion, buying and wearing semi precious stone bracelets will make you feel more confident, look more elegant and attract more positive people and vibes around you.

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