Women’s Compression Socks #EngerizeYourLegs

About 14 years ago I had major surgery on my legs and since then they are prone to swelling.  The best way to help with that swelling is with compression socks.  But unfortunately, the compression socks I can usually find are plain ole black or plain navy blue.  It was feeling like I was losing all options for anything fashionable.

Now I have found these Juliet and Floral Midnight and Gold compression cotton socks and I am thrilled.  These socks are available in S/M and L/XL then also those same sizes in wide calf – which I need the wide calf set.  They are designed to be a mild to moderate compression to help energize legs, reduce swelling, alleviate achiness and heaviness and to aid in muscle recovery.

The compression in these socks is graduated from ankle to calf with a superior fit and spandex throughout.

I absolutely love these socks and will definitely be buying more!

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