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How to Cook with Semi Dried Tomatoes

Early humans weren’t aware of the taste of tomatoes for years. However, the edible grew to become a kitchen staple in the 21st century. Today, the world has several species of the plant that chefs worldwide use to add a delicious flavor to their dishes.

Tomatoes taste the best during their peak of ripeness (mostly in summers). They are full of flavors, unlike the ones grown in winters. To enjoy the juiciness of tomatoes in any season, they can be conserved. Sun-dried and semi-dried tomatoes are the preserved form of tasty summer tomatoes.

Several Italian brands preserve herbs-flavored dried small tomatoes in containers. Also, there are rare San Marzano peeled tomatoes that can grow only in the fertile soil of southern Italy.  Even after opening the container, they can be used for many days.

Tomatoes, in their semi-dried form, can be used to cook a variety of dishes, including salads and aperitifs. Once dried, they have a more intense flavor. Although there are methods online to make sun-dried tomatoes at home, it is wise to buy them from a popular brand to get a juicy product.

  • Buying Semi-dried Tomatoes Online 

There are different types of dried tomato products that can be preserved for a long time. As Italy is known for its quality tomatoes, many popular brands in the European country make products with semi-dried tomatoes, which are lightly dried small tomatoes flavored with herbs. They make ideal ingredients to be used with kebabs or to enrich salads and vegetables. In Italy, semi-dried tomatoes are a part of several pasta recipes and cold dishes.

The best products online are manufactured by popular Italian brands. They remain useful for 4-5 days after opening the container.

  • Using Semi-Dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes that come in oil need to be drained from their container before using them in a recipe. If there are tomatoes left in the container, then it is essential to ensure that they are dipped completely in oil. In addition, the container must be stored in a cool place.

There are dry-packed tomato products too that need to be reconstituted before using them in a recipe. The process to reconstitute them is pretty simple: just soak them in water for a few minutes. They need to be soft and drain during the time of usage.

  • Cooking with Semi-dried Tomatoes

Semi-dried tomatoes, such Italian plum tomatoes, are known for their intense and juicy flavors that add a delicious taste to a dish. Soaked in herbs, they can also be consumed as snacks, but renowned chefs use them as ingredients to enrich a variety of dishes. They are wonderful with pasta, salads, and many other kinds of Italian dishes.

  • Storing Semi-dried Tomatoes

These semi-dried products are soaked in healthy herbs which make them delicious ingredients for a long time. However, their flavors can be preserved by storing them in a cool, dry place. Once opened, they can be used for at least four days, but they need to be kept in a refrigerator under good hygienic conditions.

In the end

Italy offers the food world different types of tomato ingredients to enhance the flavors of dishes. Apart from dried tomatoes, chefs have an option to go for San Marzano tomato sauce or puree to add the flavors of Italian tomatoes to their dishes. All they need to remember is that the product is made in Italy by a popular brand. In addition, the supplier must a reputable online retailer who has been supplying fresh, quality products to the customers’ doorstep for a long time.


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