Make the Most Out of Your Fleet of Golf Course Equipment

The competition among the golf course facilities has been increasing, especially in the last decade. The golf course industry is moving pretty quickly, and if any business doesn’t concentrate much, it can go beyond his control within a blink of an eye.

This calls for the optimum utilization of resources. Any part of profitability must not be left unturned, and any member must not go unsatisfied. That should be the sole motive of any facility providing golf as a service.

The Importance of Golf course Equipment

We think that Golf course equipment are the heart of any facility. It’s because unlike the human resource who have only a limited approach, these machines exclusively change the outlook of the field. If any facility can make the most out of Golf course maintenance equipment, there’s no replacement for it.

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Using Different Golf Course Equipment to Their Maximum Potential

  • Aeration Tools

Most golf courses have aeration tools, but they do not use them to their best advantage. It’s because they prefer using aeration equipment only in the fall or spring season. However, it should be used every two weeks as the grass needs oxygenation. The soil needs proper drainage that only aeration tools can provide.

  • Top-dressing Machine

If you want to improve the speed of your putting greens, the top dressing machine can help. It reduces irregularities in the sand and improves the smoothness. Professional golfers like the evenness in the sand. The top-dressing machine can bring down the cost of Golf course maintenance as the sand is made more durable along with finer grass.

  • Golf Mowers

How can we forget trimming the grass every now and then? To use golf mowers to their fullest, you need to be very particular about the type according to the field. If the area is smaller with some stubborn areas to approach, smaller-sized mowers will be more appropriate and vice versa. Golf mowers the make-or-break of your golf course it’s because of their ability to cut the grass finely and spread it all along the field.

  • Canopy Management Tools

Up till now, most golf fleets include groomers and verticutters. Still, there is much more to add. Consider adding brushes to the mix to encourage the growth of grass. From the turf maintenance perspective, canopy management tools can improve green speed without hindering the grass durability.

The advantage of brushing is that it doesn’t let the decaying material accumulate over the turf. The brush also helps to mow grass finely because it lets the grass stand up. Even if you already have brushes, use the new ones for more effective and efficient maintenance.

  • Sprayer

The sprayer is used very frequently. However, fertilizers should only be spread in small amounts but at regular intervals. To make full use of your sprayer, utilize the latest ones with properly proscribed quantities. These sprayers are of superior technology that is suitable for most weather conditions and different types of plants simultaneously. Some of them are also embedded with GPS technology to avoid any overlapping. This technology also doesn’t let any area to be left abandoned.

  • Rollers

Almost every Golf course facilities have a roller. However, most of them do not use them enough. How? Going by recent research, rolling should be done with a lightweight and frequently. It helps avoid diseases according to the turf. In some cases, rolling can be a better alternative than mowing to maintain grass health as it is. Rolling should be done about 1 to 3 times a week for it to be entirely fruitful.

Choosing used Golf course mowers, aerators, sprayers, canopy management tools or any other equipment can help you reduce your maintenance cost significantly. This is where the decision making of a golf course manager comes into play.

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