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What To Look For In Camo Wedding Ring Sets

The popularity of camo isn’t going away any time soon. For over 10 years we have been manufacturing wedding and promise rings for both him and her and without a doubt year after year camouflage is one of the hottest sellers. There for a minute while Duck Dynasty was going strong the demand did skyrocket but years after the Hype and the Buck and Duck calls are not as prevalent from tv shows like Swamp People and Duck Dynasty the demand is as strong as it has ever been. After all outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and trailblazing are still past times for people in the south and also country girls in the north. Pennsylvania is one of the biggest hunting states along with the northwest. So you have decided the pattern that you want – what rings should you get?

If you live in Maryland these rings are highly popular and if you are looking for a great place to live why not check out What to See in Baltimore MD?  You will fall in love with the state very quickly.

The first thing you have to decide is what type of engagement ring did you want for her. The best is a diamond that should be evaluated for diamond clarity.  The most popular is the princess cut CZ stone ring on titanium bands camo wedding ring set. These last forever it seems like and the CZ princess cut is one of the most popular settings. However, some women still just prefer a traditional band where the camo is the center decoration on the band. These can be on either tungsten or titanium and can be on black or silver toe tungsten or titanium.

The final choice that you will have to make is the color choices. At Southern Sisters Designs there are about 8 different color camo including the very latest teal color rings on black and silver band. There are the traditional green or brownish type patterns but there is also snow white, purple – after muddy girl many couples were looking for a straight purple hunting tree pattern and we made that. It is has been a tremendous seller on both silver and black. We also have midnight black. This pattern has jumped to the top as one of our best sellers. It looks timeless – very elegant. You can get it on a silver or a black band. The mens’s wedding ring in the black band with midnight camo is without a doubt my personal favorite. There is nothing else like it on the market. Every time that I wear it I get numerous compliments on how amazing it looks and of course they want to know where I purchased it (

The final question is do you want the bridal ring to match the grooms ring. For her and for him the answer may be very different. She may want a pink or purple on a silver and for you to have traditional camo but on a black band. Or the groom may want both of you to have black on black. But know this – while others are charging an enormous amount for their rings that are made out of titanium and tungsten we are not. We do not sell stainless steel cheap rings. But we do make sure to get you a really good, fair price – not cheap quality but the price is more than fair. Many people buy more than one set for the mood they are in that day. Check them all out and see which ones you think fit our personality best. These rings ship out in just 1 business day. They are a stock item. Occasionally we do run out but not very often. During Valentines Day, Spring and Fall wedding season and of course Christmas make sure to get your orders  early! All rings have half size or ½ sizes available for a great fit every single time. WE do offer exchanges and every single jewelry item has a 2 year warranty.

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