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The Wonder Bread Chaffle – Keto!

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With the new year my daughter and I are switching to a keto way of eating.  We are very excited about it and taking it quite seriously.  In the past I have done keto without her but always found that I completely missed “bread”.  I have spent countless hours and dollars trying to come up with a bread that I considered even tolerable – to no avail.

This time around though we have discovered Chaffles.  Seriously if you have never had them – you are missing out.  And there isn’t just one kind of chaffle.  If you don’t like one – you try another.  My favorite recipes can be found in 100+ Keto Chaffle Recipes by Sam Kuma.  Recipes can also be found all over Facebook in groups and there are many!

This particular recipe is circulating all around the internet in one form or another and even I have modified it quite a bit over time.  Here is where I am at with my recipe (adapted and combined from several on the internet).

1 egg

3 tablespoons almond flour

2 teaspoons mayonnaise

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon water

Actually I always make a quadruple batch because I am trying to feed my family.  This recipe makes two chaffles in a waffle maker.  If you want round chaffles you should get yourself a Dash Mini Waffle Maker.  I have one but very seldom have a need for just one or two chaffles.  I love the round chaffles better and they are 4 inches and perfectly sized.  But to make 8 I would be standing there a while.

For a 4 square waffle maker I highly recommend Cuisinart WAF-300!  I love this thing!  Thankfully Santa was good to me this year and I found one under the tree!

So… you simply mix all the ingredients together and spread across two waffle slots.  No need to use anything to grease the pan.  Wait at least three minutes to “peak” and when they are browned like the photo – they are done.

I sometimes add Italian Seasoning or even Everything Bagel Seasoning.  The one in the photo has no seasoning – it made for the perfect egg and cheese sandwich.  I tend to prefer to use “less” mayonnaise.  If you think they taste to eggy then use just an egg white or 2 egg whites – skip the yolk.  I personally am fine with it.  If you don’t like the mayo – swap out for some mozzarella cheese and/or cream cheese.  Really you can do whatever you want.  We keep experimenting with all types of changes and tomorrow we are going to attempt brownie chaffles!


  • Jan

    Don’t you mean baking powder, not soda in the written recipe? All the chaffles I’ve done have had powder and that’s what I used for this one. I took out the yolks as you suggested and Bingo! No more eggy taste. It’s the perfect base for anything you want to put on it. I’m using them for an eggs benedict casserole tommorow. Thank you for the recipe!

  • Trudy

    Yea, the previous question is the same question I have, do you mean “baking powder” not baking soda? Most recipes I have seen require baking powder.

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