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Hemp Muscle Cream

I have been looking for a muscle cream to help with my dermatomyositis.  This is a rare disease that basically causes muscle pain, muscle weakness, possibly muscle atrophy as well as joint stiffness, pain, swelling etc… It is an autoimmune disease.  I will say so far I have it more mildly than many so much of what I have to deal with is mostly a nuisance now that I am on the right meds.  But if I can minimize the nuisance struggles I am very happy.

This cream has been helping a great deal.  It is made with all natural ingredients which I find absolutely critical – the last thing I need is to add chemicals to my already compromised situation.  I really love how quickly it offers pain relief because after all when you are uncomfortable who wants to wait 45 minutes for relief.  Some of the anti-inflammatory ingredients include:  Hemp Extract, MSM, Arnica and Menthol.  My immediate need was for my left shoulder which was making it incredibly uncomfortable for sleeping.  I can now sleep relatively peacefully and am very thankful.

One of the things I struggle most with are my fingers.  My knuckles all swell and as you can see the swelling bends my fingers uncomfortably.  I spend my days on computers and nights blogging.  Not to mention I have kids, a dog and three horses that needed caring for.  I have a husband too but yes, he is pretty self sufficient.  But trying to do all I need to do with fingers that hurt all the time is so annoying at best.  I can live with never being able to do handwork like crochet or knitting but I still need to do daily activities.  This is what my fingers look like at the moment and yes, this Hemp Muscle Cream offers immediate relief.  Not sure if it is helping with the swelling that much but at the very least they don’t hurt so badly.

Yes the drying and rough spots are also part of the disease.  Moral of the story though is I am very happy with this Hemp Muscle Cream and highly recommend it.  Additionally, it has a pleasing smell of menthol and spearmint!

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