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Tenaciousness and determination on targets are always achieved if there is a healthy mind working with a healthy body. Sometimes people simply ignore their health issues because they seem normal to them. The normality, however, is based on two reasons. Firstly, the disease is quite prevalent in society such as obesity. Secondly, people do not get the checkup done unless it starts hurting to another level such as pains in joints, etc. In modern times, people are so busy fulfilling their professional and work tasks that they do not have time for themselves which can be proved dreadful in many cases. Major health issues, however, can be avoided with a balanced diet, routine walk, and efficient rest routine. Growing health concerns that significantly should not be ignored include addiction, obesity, allergies, irregular sleep, hair fall, bleeding even from gums, irresistible intercourse pains, excessive itching, etc.

There are many health concerns that especially parents should not ignore in their children of teenage to adulthood because of the increased vulnerability they have. This is the age when children of school and colleges in their social gatherings are indulged in smoking, drinking, inhaling hashish, marijuana or are trapped in the illusion of vaping. The reason why this trend is growing drastically among teenagers is because of curiosity, genetic drug inhaling, societal pressure, low self-confidence, etc. Depression and status consciousness can also be the reason why teenagers are vulnerable to try these things.


There are certain health-related issues described below that should not be ignored else they will turn into dire situations;

  1. Drinking, Drugs, and Vaping

In modern times technological advancement is being done in the drug and inhaling sector too. The latest example of this is the transformation of the cigarette into an e-cigarette that is commonly referred to as vaping. Nicotine is still inhaled through e-cigarette that is highly addictive and yet dangerous. The devices used for e-cigarettes are disposable, rechargeable, etc. there are clubs arranged for late-night vapors named as vaping masters.  Moreover, drinking after getting legal permission has increased the ratio of not just addiction but alcohol-related injuries as well. The situation is significantly dangerous for students who need to resist this and should not be provided with all of the harmful material, legally. First curiosity then relaxation leads towards addiction that becomes uncontrollable with the time.

  1. Obesity

Excessive weight gain along with excessive weight loss is injurious to health and causes weakness along with many diseases. Obesity is seen as common in many developed countries as well. The reason can be lethargic behavior and an irregular diet with no fitness routine at all. Obesity can be by birth or in one’s genes as well. This can be cured gradually but with the constant determination of handling it. The important factor here to mention is that people who deal with obesity use commercialized diet charts, food supplementary, etc. These medications, however, lead towards excessive weight loss damaging lungs, stomach, and even heart.  As described above, excessive weight loss is dangerous too. This can be due to stomach infection/diseases, lungs, and liver-related problems that if not cured timely can be deadly as well.

  1. Stress and depression

Stress and depression are quite common in modern day societies. The reason for being depressed is because of the workload and being unable to meet deadlines, family issues, financial pressure, etc. Complex personalities and unsupportive family environment, and relationship issues, etc can also cause serious depression problems. Moreover, depression can cause insomnia, frequent forgetting, irregular diet routine, and weight issues as well. Many psychiatrists recommend therapies and medicines to cure the depression their clients have. While most of the times people do not consult the psychiatrist because of the taboo of mental illness in society. Social gatherings, supportive family, encouragement, and appreciations even on small well-performed tasks can lead towards curing the disturbance. Each and every disease related to stress and depression should be first tried to deal with a healthy environment and then consulted from a specialist.  

  1. Technology

Excessive use of technology can cause serious health issues including joints pain, weak eyesight, migraine, etc. In this way, the fact is quite clear that excessive use of even technology can harm health even if it made for the ease of people. Relying too much on technology (e.g. food factories) can cause laziness, weight gain, and indigestion of food. If people are too busy using their phones, tablets, etc they will forget the meal timings and more often digestion will not be properly carried out leading to stomach issues.

  1. Irregular Menstruation

Having a menstruation period varies but getting them irregularly can be an issue. Additionally, the routine of periods that can be after 21 days, 25 days or 28 days and can also vary from person to person. But periods after every 10-15 days or a never-ending cycle of them with even a drop of blood every day is certainly due to any health issue. Moreover, late periods or a gap of 2-3 months can also be due to the health issues that should not be ignored. Long breaks can cause excessive hairs on the skin and various hormonal issues. This can be due to pregnancy but if not can be caused due to stress, excessive weight loss or even celiac. Moreover, normal bleeding includes heavier routine in the starting days and lighter gradually and even blood clots in the heavier routine days. The extreme lighter bleeding or blood clots every time also indicate an abnormality that should be checked. Giant blood clots can be caused due to uterine fibroids in the uterus. Leaving them unchecked can cause vaginal itching and other gynecological infections leading to pregnancy halts.


Being healthy is a task that should not be missed by any person of any age. Continuous health issues expanding in other areas for a longer period of time should never be ignored. Many people due to their busy routine, financial issues, and other reasons do not intentionally go to the doctor. Unintentional ignorance of health is due to not having feelings of danger when it comes to any irregular pain, etc. being hypothetically superstitious and fearing small things is not good either. To avoid any uncontrollable deadly disease, routine checkups after weeks or months are necessary.

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