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Tips For When You Bring A Dog With You To Use Kayaks

A dog truly is your best friend, and it’s becoming more acceptable for pets to accompany us in virtually any situation. More restaurants have pet-friendly tables for dining, parks are allowing areas for dog runs, and kayaks construction is such to accommodate our pups trips out on the water. More people enjoy the opportunity to relax in the sun with their faithful companion in tow as opposed to leaving them behind at home or at the campsite.

Leaving our beloved pets is never easy especially if someone has to stay behind and watch over them in a camping area. Now that they’ve made kayaking accessible to our furry friends, this is no longer an issue and a kayak is now the best gift possible for a guy and his dog. Whether you have been in kayaking for a long time or are new to the sport, you must do research as to the safety precautions required when taking a pet with you.  Better yet, make sure you know how to kayak in the first place.

Understanding Kayaking With A Dog

You may have mastered the basics behind the sport to the point where you have reached an advanced level, but if you have never been on the water with your dog, it’s a whole other world. It will be as if you are starting from scratch. When making a list of kayaks for dogs, there are things to be taken into consideration:

  • A dog is not going to be still while he is in a kayak, meaning that it needs to provide stability for the consistent movement so that it doesn’t tip over.
  • The puppy is going to have his downtime when he wants to sprawl out next to you. There must be enough room for him to fit comfortably with the size of the kayak.
  • There is going to be added weight to the kayak with the pup onboard meaning that the kayak needs to be a lightweight inflatable version so that it’s easier to maneuver.

A kayak is going to suit a variety of different price points, but there will be one to suit your price point, with most allowing customization to suit your specific needs. Some kayaks are simply not cut out for dogs meaning if you want to upgrade or buy, you’ll need to do your research to ensure that you find the one that is appropriate for both of you to fit comfortably. The appropriate one is going to pertain to the size and the amount of equipment that you intend to transport. Your dog’s personality is a significant consideration when choosing a kayak. He may want to be riding at the head or relaxing peacefully by your feet.

A dog that is hyper or may have a tendency to get excited may need to stay close to you so that you can grab hold of their chain to calm them while you’re out. A dog who is lazy or is calm can remain at the hub. The best dog kayak is generally going to have a basis on the dog’s size, the budget, and if there is going to be another person in the boat. Follow for information on kayaking with your pup.

How Does The Dog Feel About The Kayak

It may be a dream for you to take your dog with you on a kayak trip, but it’s ultimately up to the dog if they want to go on the boat or not. Some animals just may or may not have the type of temperament cut out to go out on the water. Some dogs are especially excitable who may have a lot of difficulty sitting still for any length of time.

It’s no fun taking a pet who has no interest in being in the boat and having to hold them down while you are trying to paddle at the same time. Dogs who are terrified of water may not want to travel out into the middle of a lake with their owner. Nobody is going to have a good time in this situation. You want to be fair to your dog when you make this decision and not force something that is not in their best interest.

Desensitization Of The Kayak

If the dog has never been around a kayak or the water for that matter, you want to familiarize them before you subject them to this scenario. It’s a bad idea just to put them into the kayak and row out onto the water. Allow the pup the opportunity to become comfortable with the boat inside his familiar territory, where he can explore in comfort.

Slowly begin to sit inside the boat and let the dog join you while you show your pet affection. That should lead to comfort and familiarity to the point where the dog may begin to lie down. It’s a good idea to introduce treats at this point. Water travel is going to take some time to implement into the dog’s training. Land training will prepare the pup for his time in the water with plenty of commands executed with the practice. After you have the jumping in and out down, it will be time to move to a shallow area of the water where there is no choppiness. You don’t want the boat moving too much when he tries to get in.

Always make sure that your dog is fitted with a flotation device regardless of how well he can swim. Do not tie him off to the boat and keep his collar on at all times but make sure that there are no hindrances that it can catch on that will be harmful to your pet. It’s essential to make sure your vet is aware that the dog is going to be on the water and has heartworm medication in place due to the mosquito population.

There are various pieces of training available that you can engage in with your pet to make sure that your pup will be safe on their travels. Otherwise, enjoy the peace and relaxation with your buddy on the water.

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