4 Reasons Your Texas Restaurant Needs an Alcohol License

Obtaining an alcohol license for your business is an investment. There are fees involved in serving alcohol just as there are for serving food. There are many reasons a restaurant might want to serve alcohol, but here are a few reasons why serving alcohol can actually grow your business’s revenue.

1. It can be Delivered

This is new as of March, 2020. In the age of COVID-19, many business models are changing and adapting to the practice of social distancing and consumer options for products have been dramatically reduced. This includes places consumers can get out and enjoy happy hour. In order to help restaurants maintain business, the Texas government, in coordination with TABC licensing has imposed a temporary waiver allowing for the delivery of manufactured-sealed bottles of beer and wine. If your business isn’t serving alcohol, you’re surely missing out on an opportunity for additional sales.

2. Impressive Percentage of Sales

The percentage of alcohol sales in relation to food sales for a restaurant is impressive. Up to 20% of a restaurant’s revenue is generated in alcohol sales. There are simple strategies to increase those sales. Consider running daily and weekly promotions, such as happy hour and Margarita Mondays. Not only will you have the loyalty of your regular customers, but you’ll also attract those who want to meet for drinks and casual meetings.

3. Catering Events

Families love to hire catering for big events such as weddings, anniversaries and reunions. No gathering is complete without the inclusion of spirits. When looking for a restaurant to cater an event, not providing for alcohol can lead to your business being passed over. If your business doesn’t offer catering, consider doing so for this very reason. It’s an expansion of your operations that can reap huge rewards.

4. Competitive Advantage

Not all restaurants will choose to serve alcohol which makes alcohol licenses limited. What these business owners may not know is profit margins are higher on alcohol. Alcohol compliments many types of food and diners are aware of this fact. You’ll also have guests who would enjoy a drink at the bar while they wait for their table. While inside your establishment, you have many opportunities to generate alcohol sales.

There are numerous benefits to adding the sale of alcoholic beverages to your business model and our menu. Alcohol licensing equals opportunity, and perhaps your competitors aren’t yet aware of this fact.

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