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Performing Spring Cleaning in Your Dental Office


Spring cleaning goes beyond just getting things done around your home; it can also be a great time for businesses like dental clinics to get everything in order. It can be easy to get caught up in inpatient care and forget about some housekeeping that needs to be done around the office. It can often seem like there is too little time in the day. You can consider taking one day just to do some spring cleaning around the office. Some areas to focus on include sending all broken equipment for repair, thoroughly cleaning the entire office, and purging patient files.

Send All Broken Equipment for Repair

You likely have a box or broken scalers that need to be sent for recycling and replacement. You may have handpieces that need to go for dental handpiece repair services. This is a good time to finally send all those things that you have been storing away for repair. This can help you be more productive in your office and prevent you from having to go without the necessary equipment. Use this opportunity to do some important upgrades as well. For instance, consider replacing your bathroom partitions to give your restrooms a fresher and cleaner look.

Thoroughly Clean the Entire Office

Floors, windows, air vents, baseboards, light fixtures, and many other things need to be cleaned on a regular basis. You can use this time to deep-clean everything in the office. You can assign a task to each staff member to ensure that everything gets done. The appearance of your office says a lot to patients, and you want what they see to be neat and clean at all times.

Purge Patient Files

If you still use paper charts, you likely have some files that have not been used in years. You should go through and purge the files that are no longer necessary to make room for new patients’ files. You do not necessarily have to get rid of the files right now; you can move them to a specific location in the office for designated inactive patients. If you do throw the files away, though, make sure that you dispose of them properly so that no patient information will be compromised.

Spring cleaning is a great tradition that can help your business thrive even more. When you dedicate a day to getting the entire office spic and span, it can lift everyone’s moods and make patient care run more smoothly. It is important that you do not forget to properly clean the entire office, and patients will appreciate your extra diligence.

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  • Sandy C.

    Ugh, purging patient files! I always tried to stay away from this and let the front desk/reception do it. But during downtime I helped. HATED it!

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