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Current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US

The COVID-19 pandemic is now the talk of the town because it has affected a lot of things around the world. The bad thing about the situation is that there are no vaccines or drugs that are working now this has brought fear. The virus is now all over the world and claiming lives every single day thus we should all follow the guidelines that have been laid down by The WHO to prevent the spread of the disease. The US is one of the most affected countries of which thousands of people have died from the coronavirus pandemic. It is so serious around the world that some countries have decided to lock down their countries to prevent the spread of the virus and of course, to save citizens. The US has carried out some measures to prevent her citizens from being affected by the virus although the coronavirus pandemic has affected the country big time. Because of the position of the US in terms of world power, technology and exposure, a lot of countries are looking up to them and are waiting for drugs and Vaccines that could fight the coronavirus. As an American, you need to know the current situation of the pandemic to know where you fit. Although there is different news about the COVID-19 one must be sure that every news is authentic thus it is advisable to watch only top TV channels and go on reliable websites to get information about the pandemic. Below are some of the things put into measures to know the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic.

View top News channels – one of the best ways to update yourself about the pandemic is to view top news channels such as News on CCeit because that is the only way you can get reliable news about the pandemic especially if you are in the US. Although you can also get good and correct information about the COVID-19 pandemic in other news channels it is better to stick to the top channels. You will need to get yourself new updates about the virus because this will prevent you from getting the virus. Presently over two hundred thousand individuals have been affected by the COVID-19 in the US and over forty thousand have died. The government is working with the health sector to find a solution to this pandemic not only in the US but all over the world.

With the current situation of the COVID-19 in the US and the world as a whole, it is impossible to move around because every country of the world is trying to prevent the spread of the virus thereby preventing any form of movement in and out of their countries. This should be a perfect time to plan if you are willing to visit some of the best places around the world after the pandemic because all you need is your smartphone or computer. The rate at which people are losing their jobs in the US is so alarming and the government is trying to prevent or reduce the rate at all costs. This has affected a lot of small-scale businesses and may affect more in the future if care is not taken. In case you will be visiting the US after the pandemic, you should get to know about the necessary documents needed by everyone visiting the US. The ESTA is one of the popular documents needed by individuals traveling to the US for a short period. It is for nationalities of visa waiver program countries that are eligible for the document. The document is an alternative to the visa thus you should check if you are eligible for the ESTA before applying for a visa by visiting the website of the ESTA at Try to confirm if your country is among the Visa waiver program countries and if yes, you should check out for other documents needed to apply for the ESTA. You may find yourself not eligible for the ESTA therefore, you should apply for a visa with important documents. The documents needed to apply for a visa will be determined by your nationality and your story whenever you are applying for the document thus, do your assignment by going online to get more information about the various documents. Also, check your ESTA status from time to time.

learn about the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic – another important thing to do is to always find out about the effect of the pandemic on the US generally. According to the statistics carried out by the US government, millions of people have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is affecting the US economy and the president is looking for ways to revive the economy. This and other top news are important for every American citizen to know about. Most importantly you should stay safe and do everything to prevent the spread of the virus.

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