How the Board Game Monopoly Teaches to Make Money

We live in this age of capitalism where you got to learn how to make money from an early age or otherwise, you will not be able to survive in today’s world. Making money is an art form, especially today when everything goes online, and everything goes viral. We came a long way from a society of hunter-gatherers to making online transactions with virtual currencies like bitcoins. The capital has accumulated in so many areas during the centuries of commerce, so we are witnessing the rise of multinational corporations that exert their influence in every aspect of our lives. They are often accused of having a monopoly on everything just like in a popular board game.

What is a monopoly?

The situation of monopoly occurs in our economy when one entity like a firm, company, or some big corporation owns some great share of the market. When that share grows too big, that company becomes too powerful as it can dictate everything on that market, including prices. They can inflate prices and make people pay more than they should because no competition will offer an alternative product or a lower price. That is why a monopoly is a dangerous thing and many governments are trying to exert laws that will discourage or put an end to this practice. The perfect situation on one market would be if many competent firms would exist and offer great products at low prices as they compete to attract more customers.

This world is not perfect so sometimes we encounter a monopoly, but before we conclude this to be an inadequate practice, we must admit that striving toward monopoly is a good thing for an entrepreneur. Businessmen want to make money and they are compelled to conquer markets and destroy competition without mercy. That is how you survive in today’s economy, and nothing illustrates this better than one popular board game that teaches you how to become a real estate tycoon. Buying and selling real assets is harder than it sounds, and this market is very volatile, so a good player needs to acquire some serious skills to compete and prosper in an ever-changing game.

Throwing the dices

This is how a game of monopoly usually starts, and it may resemble gambling, but it is a metaphor for all those factors in the economy that you just cannot control. When you are playing online pokies, you can control many things ranging from your skill level and facial expression to bluffing other players, but on volatile markets, one can sometimes find himself inside a big storm coming from all directions. Finding the best pokies and new online casinos thanks to the reviews is easier than predicting the price of real estate and avoiding market bubbles. This exciting board game teaches you that choosing a great location is immensely important in this business, just like choosing reliable casinos is equally important when finding some good place for a pokie session.

Some good investment is a long-term investment and there is nothing more long-term as real estate. Better rents and prices enable larger investments and making money becomes fun and effortless for those who think ahead. When one makes enough money, he can expand plus conquer some bigger share of his market and something is compelling in that thought. Earning some real cash is exhilarating and so is conquering the competition. Making strategic decisions when investing and buying new properties is also a part of this game and choosing where to erect new hotels and other buildings can significantly influence your cash flow.

Applying lessons in real life

This game might look like an enjoyable pastime just like gambling does, but the ideas that it puts in your unconsciousness are the profound truths of the business world. Anyone who conquers this game is eligible for trying to profit in various opportunities that today’s economy offers to young entrepreneurs. It is not just the real estate game that follows these rules that lead to monopoly, but this applies to every segment of the economy, from the gambling industry to software development. Having one great idea, positioning early in the beginning, and having an aggressive approach of conquering any business is a recipe for success in any business endeavor. One does not have to be a businessman to apply these principles as they can be utilized in everyday life as well.

If you are struggling with some dead-end job or a bad relationship, or you just want to make changes in your life like breaking your bad habits or changing your diet, an energetic plus determined approach brings the best results. Investing some real effort will give you a monopoly over your life as you will take control over every aspect of your existence one step at the time. Anyone can change his future if he takes a new outlook on his life and takes a strategic approach toward making some big changes. Results will emerge quickly and after conquering yourself, the sky becomes the limit. Then it is time to make some serious money and make some real business decisions if that is your ambition.

Simple games sometimes hide big truths that can change the way how we look at our lives. This board game teaches us that life is an everlasting battle where only the strongest survive. If this is how you see life, in general, you may learn a lot from playing a few sessions of monopoly with your friends. You will be surprised to see that predatory instinct coming out of you in the heat of the game, and you did not know that you had it inside you all this time.


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