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How to Acquire Gym Equipment on a Budget

Not everyone has the luxury of creating a home gym that can match what they’re used to in their regular gyms. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to create a home gym on a budget that can provide you with all you need, from cardio to various weight workouts. A home gym can be an opportunity for you to carve workout routines into your day no matter how hectic they are. To help you get started, we’ve made a brief guide that should aid you in acquiring gym equipment on a budget.


While running outdoors in the morning with the cold breeze against your face is majestic, it’s not a practical solution when you have a busy schedule. Treadmills are often the go-to solution for people looking to do serious cardio in their homes, especially those who want to adjust their sessions a bit to help them with an injury or a disability. The size of the treadmill belts comes in many varieties, but Mark Wright of Enlightened Treadmills ( recommends a treadmill with a wider belt if you’re looking for quality and to avoid injury. You can also find quiet treadmills if you live in an apartment or a condo.

Quality Mat

A mat is the most cost-friendly piece of equipment that can transform your workouts and allow you to pursue a wide range of different routines. There are two main types of workout mats; yoga and jump mats. The latter is slightly thicker, allowing you to use more dynamic exercises like crunches and plyometrics. It can still be used as a yoga mat with extra cushioning for your body. The main advantage of the mat is that you can place it almost anywhere in the house, in addition to its portability, so you could take it with you on outdoor workouts.

Resistance Band

You’ll find this piece of equipment in any home or commercial gym. They are known to be great alternatives to weight because they take much less space and they are easy to move around, in addition to being safer. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an apartment gym that doesn’t have at least two or three resistance bands. These bands have varying difficulties or elasticities, allowing you to choose the intensity of your workouts. It’s also possible to incorporate resistance bands with free weights in your weight lifting exercises, allowing you to take advantage of its high flexibility.

Pull-Up Bar

Those who aren’t used to doing pull-ups are the people who stand the most to gain from it. While it can seem like an impossible feat at first, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is once your muscles get used to it. A pull-up bar is a pretty economic piece of gym equipment that can be installed almost anywhere in a home. You can also place it in common areas so you can do a few reps every time you pass it by. It works almost all the muscles in your upper body, providing you with an adequate exercise dose.

Dumbbell Set

While bodyweight exercises are extremely beneficial for your body while being safe, progress can be made and accelerated properly only through using weights. Those who are looking to build muscles should focus on obtaining various weights that they can incorporate in their exercises. Dumbbells happen to be the most popular equipment in home gyms because of their relative ease of transportation. There is almost no muscle in your body that can’t be trained with dumbbells when you know the right exercise. Dumbbells are not expensive, so opt for sets of varying weights so you could move up the weights in a short time. Some adjustable-weight dumbbells allow you to increase or decrease the dumbbell’s weight according to your needs.

Olympic Barbell and Weight Plates

Those who want to take their weight workouts up a notch should consider getting an Olympic bar. While being a bit more costly than dumbbells, they are known for their high durability and performance. Those who focus on intense workouts like bench pressing, squats, deadlifts, and overhead press know the importance of having a quality barbell in their armory. You’ll want to make sure that you have a good bench that provides you with adequate support. It’s hard to go wrong with a high-quality barbell that can take anything thrown at it with relative ease.

As you move up the intensity of your barbell workouts, you’ll want to make sure that you’re making progress and not just maintaining muscles. This is why it’s important to ensure that you get weight plates of varying sizes to ensure that you can move up the ladder whenever you need to. The weight plates don’t necessarily have to be fancy, but just make sure that they’re weighed accurately and readily available.

Getting fit and healthy is not something that should be taken lightly, but it’s important to realize that there are some limitations that come with being restricted to a certain budget. In the age of the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, going to the gym for any reason has become an actual risk that you should probably avoid. Building your home gym is going to net you the most winning in the long run.

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