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The Best Pets for You and Your Kids

Most children love animals. They are fascinated with all types of living things that look nothing like us and if you are able to have a pet and indulge your child’s curiosity then they will be better off for it. The lessons that are learned through taking care of a pet are profound, from the responsibility of walking a dog every day to how death is a part of life.

Of course, we don’t want to go there yet. You are considering getting a pet for your kids, but know this pet is for the adults in the home as well, because the brunt of the care will fall on you. But, if it is good for the mental and emotional health of our children then the extra work is time well spent.

We’ve put together a list of pets that we feel are perfect for first time pet owners. They aren’t in any particular order other than we think they all make great pets. One is not better than another, but there are some that are better for certain people. So that’s something to be aware of as you read our list.


Canines, or Canis lupus familiaris as they are known scientifically, are the most popular pet around the world. Almost half of the people around the world have a dog as part of their family. There’s a good reason for that. Dogs are loyal and caring, when they are treated well, and they will sit by your side during your darkest hours and smile bright during your child’s brightest days.

Dogs do require a great deal of work and the younger the dog the more work it is.  When traveling for instance, small dogs can prove especially distracting, and you may need to strap them down into a seat carrier for dogs.  Puppies require round-the-clock care so unless you want another baby in your life, get a dog that’s a year or two older and save the puddles of pee.

Owning a dog will increase your and your child’s physical activity, It will also help them understand what compassion is and improve their cognitive skills. Moreover, a golden retriever can be a great option to go for if you are looking for the best family dogs. My Golden Retriever can be a great option to learn more about this specific breed of dogs.


We thought we’d throw in a rougher looking pet because we think it’s important that people realize not animal friends sit in your lap and lick your face. And turtles aren’t too much trouble. Just make sure the tank is clean.

One of the best things about turtles is that there is no hair or dander for those of us who are allergic. Certain people want a dog but they just can’t have one. This is where fun animals like turtles come in. They’re cute and they are fun to learn about.


This is another pet that you will find in a great deal of households around the world. In ancient Egypt cats were considered enchanted creatures and they brought good luck to anyone who gave them a good home to reside. Today, twenty-three percent of the world’s population cohabitates with feline friends and some of the most gorgeous are My Ragdoll Cats.

Some of the upsides of cat ownership is that they are pretty self-sufficient, you never have to bathe them, and they don’t require a walk daily.


Aquariums are fun to keep and, despite what you might think, fish have fun little personalities. There are so many versions to choose from, starting with saltwater or fresh, and then from there, if you select correctly, you and your child could create an underwater community that will keep you all entertained for hours.

Reef aquariums are fun and educational. We would suggest starting out with some goldfish and a freshwater tank. Children who spend time in aquariums could improve their physical and mental wellbeing, a study has suggested. As well as improving children’s mood.

Guinea Pig

Not a pig this pet is actually a domesticated rodent, a word that makes some people squeamish. The reason why we gave the guinea a slot on this list opposed to the traditional hamster/gerbil/rat/mouse contender that is seen on most pet lists is because they are super social, which is wonderful for a child’s pet.

They are so social it is recommended that you never just get one. Guinea pigs like to have company so be sure they have friends around them all the time.


This is a fine choice for older children who can learn how to safely handle a cockatiel or parrot. That’s if the bird allows the children to handle them at all. What we love about birds is that they typically have amazing personalities and some of them can even learn to repeat human phrases and even communicate with whistles. If you are planning to bring a pet parrot then visit parrotspecies to learn everything you need to know regarding them.


Of all the pets available for you to purchase and surprise your child with at their next birthday party, these are the ones we think would offer your family the best benefits. We would like to also recommend rescuing your pet if and whenever possible. There is a certain something special you feel when treating a pet to a new home oasis that can’t be duplicated.

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