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How To Deal With Low Self-Confidence


In a society filled with images of the perfect body, descriptors of how to be the perfect person, and articles on top of articles of how to live the best lifestyles, it is no wonder that many of us suffer with low self-confidence. All too often a person finds themselves with the “I hate myself” head talk. A person’s lack of self-confidence within themselves, their bodies or their abilities, don’t just stop there. The knock on effects of a lowered opinion of oneself, causes a multitude of problems across many areas of a person’s life. It impacts on relationships, self-beliefs, faith and also a person’s mental health.

Dealing with low self-confidence and esteem issues is not fun, but there are few things you can do to make your life a lot easier. Now, without further ado, here are few practical tips to help you work on your self-confidence:

  1. Practice Self-care

The key to overcoming just about any ailment a person may suffer within their lifetime is self care, and improving self confidence is extremely important. For example If you are hungry and not eating right, this can lead to increased tiredness, which in turn fuels negative thoughts and increases a person’s nervous behaviors. So ensuring your loved one is eating right, having the correct amount of sleep and leading an active well balanced lifestyle, will really aid a person in boosting their self esteem.

  1. Reprogram Your Thoughts

Whilst this may feel like an impossible task to someone suffering from self confidence issues, it is in fact one that is going to make the biggest improvement in the shortest amount of time.

People often say “well if I could think differently, i wouldn’t be in this situation” and in fact they are correct. It is hard for a person who has a negative opinion of themselves to think anything other than negatively and that becomes the normal way of thinking. In order to boost self confidence issues it is important to break the negative thinking pattern. To begin with this will feel unnatural to People with low self confidence issues as they tend to find it hard to accept compliments and are extremely self critical so thinking positively about themselves feels like a foreign concept, but this is a serious step to overcome when beginning to boost someone’s self confidence.


One way in which a person can reprogram their thoughts is to recognize the positive aspects of one’s life. The best way in achieving this is to take a piece of paper and split it down the middle. On one side write down all your good qualities and on the other write down all achievements. Try to fill the piece of paper, even with things you believe to be simple things that don’t need mentioning such as “ i taught myself how to do my own hair” it is an achievement and it should be documented.

It is important to draw away from any mistakes a person has made and focus solely on the positives. No one is perfect and nobody ever will be and it is important that someone suffering with self confidence issues realize this.

In Fact in life some of a person’s biggest achievements come after a negative situation or when something doesn’t quite go as planned.

  1. Learn to love yourself and consider how you treat others when thinking negative thoughts

Whilst at first glance this may seem like the same concept as practicing self care, but in reality it is very different. As human beings we are often putting ourselves down and comparing ourselves to others, and to someone with self confidence issues this can be the spiral down a dark hole, so it is important to try not to put yourself down, and remember that everyone is different for a reason. Learn to challenge these negative thoughts Try not to put yourself down. Instead, learn to challenge your negative thoughts.

When you are met with negative beliefs about yourself, consider whether you would talk to your parents/partner or friends in the same way you are feeling about yourself, the chances are you wouldn’t dream of it and when you realize this, this is when a person can begin to heal.

  1. Put on a display of confidence.

Sometimes the way in which a person appears in society has an effect on how others choose to interact with them. If someone is looking glum and somber wearing dark clothes and walking with their head down, chances are society is going to move away from this person and interact as minimally as possible. However if a person is walking around with their head held high, brightly dressed and walking with a spring in their step, it is surprisingly how society rewards positivity. Something as small as a smile from a stranger can really alter the mood of someone suffering with self confidence issues, so putting on a display of confidence (even when a person may not want to) could in fact alter their mood for the better.

The following, can give the impression of confidence:

  • Walking tall – standing up straight with your head held high.
  • Speak slowly – Speaking at a normal pace can give the perception of confidence, as those who are more anxious tend to talk far more quickly than those who aren’t.
  • Wear brighter colors – If nothing else, they make you feel good.
  • Don’t cross your arms – This is often a sign of defensiveness or nervousness, so learning to adopt a more open posture can help eradicate the impression of nerves.


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