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Can Weight Loss Cause Diabetes?

If you are an obese individual then most probably you are suffering from or at the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, hyper tension, vascular diseases, diabetes or certain cancer.

If you ask any physician, this question “Can weight loss cause diabetes?” He will smile for sure. Because weight loss cannot cause diabetes in fact it is the opposite case.

The diabetics are advised to reduce weight and exercise. It is the first line of treatment used to treat type 2 diabetics. We are going to explain you how this works in an easy and simple way.

What is Diabetes?

A person is declared as diabetic when his/ her fasting blood sugar level is above 126 mg per 100ml of blood. And when fasting blood sugar is 100mg to 126mg then is diagnosed as prediabetic.

There are two major types of diabetes, type 1 or insulin dependent diabetes and type 2 or insulin independent diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes usually appears at very young age and occurs when pancreas don’t secrete insulin. It treated with insulin shots.

Type 2 diabetes usually appears in old people and occurs when cells of the body stops responding to insulin. This leads to high blood sugar level and all the complication that occurs with it.

How Obesity is Related to Diabetes?

An obese person has excess fat in his/her body. This leads to increase blood level of fatty acids. It is observed that high fatty levels in blood decreases the cells’ response to insulin. When they don’t respond to insulin, sugar is not transferred in those cells. It results in high blood sugars levels which is the main reason for hypertension, thirst, frequent urination and other symptoms that a diabetic show. See how to lose weight without starving.

How Weight-loss is Helpful for Diabetics?

Weight loss involves changing diet to low fat one and increasing physical activity. The goal is to decrease calories intake and increase calories expenditure.

When a person starts to lose weight, his fatty acid level in blood and fats in the body start decreasing. Because body starts breaking down the stored fat and increases the utilization of fatty acids as main energy source. This increases the cells’ response to insulin.

Moreover, exercise to reduce weight stimulates muscles to uptake glucose from blood without the help of insulin. This combine effect decreases the blood sugar level markedly. This is how weight-loss helps in controlling diabetes.

Final Word:

“Can weight loss cause diabetes?” The answer is a straight “NO”. In fact, doctors recommend diabetics to shed some weight to reduce their blood sugar level.

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