You Have Been Injured – Now What?

Injuries can happen to any of us at any time.  Sometimes they just happen and nothing was anyone’s fault except perhaps your own.  For example on January 2nd ( yes I remember the exact day and time was 4am ) I feel in my bedroom.  My dog was sleeping on the floor like she always does and I tried to step over her, slipped on something and ripped my shoulder, which I already had struggles with and hurt my leg.  This is a shoulder I have had struggles with for 30 years easily so I can’t blame it on anything.  Not even the dog really – plenty of damage had been done previously and I now need a shoulder replacement.

The next injury – coincidentally my right shoulder, was not my fault and was very much someone else’s.  My daughter and I went to the arcade at the campground.  The campground built a new arcade and restaurant because the previous one burned down last summer. The previous building just had a flat walkout of the building – there was no step up and no step down.  For some reason they built the new building with a step up but not quite a step – just like a 4-5 inch lip.  Enough to get hurt.  Well we were walking out of the arcade and I wasn’t expecting the step down.  There were no stickers, no signs or anything.  I took the step and tried to catch myself and the more I tried to catch myself the faster my feet moved to try and catch my fall.  Finally I fell right on my right elbow and shoulder.  I knew immediately it was bad but was also immediately thankful I didn’t land on my face (I already fractured that two years ago).  My daughter wanted to call 911 but I begged her to just help me up and get me into my car.  Once there I sat there for a half hour with her until I could get the car started to drive.  Yes I remember the date – 6/29.  2020 is definitely that kind of year.

I did go to the ER the next morning and eventually to a surgeon etc… I have a torn bicep and a complete tear of the suprasinatus tendon that has retracted 3cm.  Surgery is 11/19/20 and it will be a doozy.  My daughter immediately let the campground know that her mom just fell and got hurt really bad.  They never came to ask what happened – not even sure if they knew who had fallen but we are seasonal and been here for 12 years.  Before the end of the day they put caution tape up everywhere but no signs to watch your step.  It is now October and still no signs.  Very disappointing.


There are three reasons to pursue legal action:

Finance Medical Costs

Financial Support

Stop It From Happening Again

I don’t need help with the medical costs.  I am fortunate to have plenty of medical coverage.  However, financial support for the time missed from not only work but also from blogging will be essential.  I have sick days but not enough to last and do I really want to use all my sick time on this when I already know I need to have my other shoulder replaced.  What will I use for sick time then?  And blogging has no insurance but does pay for my horses.  Additionally, I will now have to pay full board for my horses so others can care for them for months on end.

Most importantly I don’t feel like they took appropriate steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  To me that is a problem that must be rectified asap.  Even if they simply put in a small ramp so it is less of a shock when someone steps out.  Simple changes can make a huge difference.  When

Many personal injury cases are due to car accidents.  When you aren’t at fault it can turn your life upside down. If you find yourself in this type of injurious situation you will need an Aventura car accident lawyer to help you through the process and through your suffering.  Do not hesitate to do what you need to do for you and your family.

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